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All of the sudden my ringer is not working. Volume is up, ringer is enabled, not vibrate mode. The side switch on left of iphone 4 not working. No bell with slash or no slash when I slide it back and forth. Have rebooted several times. My alarm is not working either since Daylight savings time switch is this related? Do I need to go to apple store or is there some way to correct? I can hear things fine, the ringer is just not working. Vibrate sound is but not when I toggle it back and forth. No sounnd or bell icon.

Windows XP
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    I've had the same problem sometime in the past, and it so happened that something (a speck of dust, a piece of lint ?) was stuck in the earphone jack socket. Tried compressed air, wouldn't change a thing. Then I read somewhere on this very forum that some guy had managed to solve his problem, not by blowing inside the earphone jack, but by sucking up through the earphone socket. Sounded downright ludicrous, so I thought, hey, why not. I did suck air up through the earphone socket, and guess what? my ringer was working again.

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    I suddenly noticed I had no ringer, lock sounds, or speaker sounds of any kind yesterday. I had some small water damage recently and knew it was gonna be full replacement cost if I could't fix this on my own.


    From another post I learned about squeezing the spot on the phone just above the speaker while music was playing. I had to squeeze pretty hard but sure enough with a little wiggling, the speaker started working again, but not the ringer or lock sounds. Then reading this, I tried the sucking up really hard on the headphone jack, and it totally worked too. All those sound issues are now resolved.


    I seriously never post on forums of any kind, but I'm so stoked that I was able to fix this phone with these wacky suggestions, I couldn't help but post about it.

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    I am using a q-tip, I pull the cotton on one end to thin it and gently twisting it; I don't press down too deep to avoid compressing the dusts in it. Man it works and I am still twisting while writing this. It DOES fully give back the strong vibration of my iphone. Amazing help guys. God bless

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    Hi tkerr, did you get any solution to your problem?

    I have exactly same thing with my iphone4 and wondering to know what was your solution in your situation?

    because the only solution I see here is to go to an apple shop an ask for repair (which I was trying to avoid it, since I use my phone really oft during the day to work)..

    Hope you can answer this post,

    tmany thanks, TK.