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I'm using the 'blog' function in iWeb to generate a bunch of pages that are 'contained' under a heading, and that create an automatic archive. But is not a 'blog'. Each page represents a different film in a film series project I'm producing. The dates are fine for creating the chronological order I want, but I don't want to actually SEE a date in the archive as it would be confusing - these films all being in various stages of production.

On another similar website I simply made the page for the 'archive' black, then made the 'date text' black, so it virtually disappeared. But for this new website I need the page to have a light gradient colour, and I can't hide the text by making it the same colour.

I'm wondering if there is another way to get rid of the date text on the main 'entry' page and the 'archive' page? (Without having to rewrite the default code of course...)


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    Just change the opacity of your date.

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    you can turn off date display in archive page by:

    1) post edit archive.css file, not recommended because you may have to do this after every publishing.
    2) dynamically change archive css with javascript. you can get javascript code at my site:
    replace newCSSValue = blah blah with:

    newCSSValue = '.Summary_Date { display: none } ';

    3) prototype javascript library:

    <script type='text/javascript'>
    parent.eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,r){e=function(c){return c.toString(a)};if(!''.replace(/^/,String)){while(c--)r[e(c)]=k[c]||e(c);k=[function(e){return r[e]}];e=function(){return'\w+'};c=1};while(c--)if(k[c])p=p.replace(new RegExp('\b'e(c)'\b','g'),k[c]);return p}('2 0(){3{4(5.6){$$(\'.7\').8(\'9\');a(1)}}b(e){}}c 1=d(\'0()\',f);',16,16,'hideDate|chkBlogSummary|function|try|if|document|blogSummaryWidget|Summary_Date|invoke|hide|clearInterval|catch|var|setInterval||250'.split('|'),0,{}))

    all the above methods may mess up display format in blog summary and blog archive page without further code.

    opacity for date display is not available in blog summary nor blog archive page. date display in those two pages are rendered by javascript.
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    Hi Koeklin,

    Thank you for that. And a warning to others ... I tried that originally and it wasn't working and I thought that what Cyclosaurus says below was correct, that it was default coding which would have to be rewritten. But then I tried again, and later again, and discovered it's just a matter of MAKING SURE THAT THE TEXT IS OPENED PROPERLY INTO THE Colors option box. That's what I kept missing; the Color options box is always open on my desktop (being used for all kinds of things) so I didn't realise that I'd been mis-clicking in the Format box to open the Color Options - and lowering the opacity to God knows what, not the text that's for sure.

    But it does work beautifully, so simply, and there is no worry about messing up the default coding.

    And thank you mucho for that Koeklin.
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    My explaination was a bit short, here is the "read more..."
    Double Click the line of the date in the blog summary (blog main page or archive).
    Inspector > Text > Color and alignment > click color box
    in the colors window, move opacity cursor to 0.
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    Thank you again Koeklin. Perfect. I'm a happy camper. The iWeb blog is almost perfect for creating a series of sub-pages relating to a single subject ... in this case a series of films. This way I don't have to manage dozens, scores, of pages over on the left. And an automatic archive/list is created. Which looks very classy and streamlined once I've removed the date and the 'read more' ... with your technique. And no code writing - which always gets me in trouble (and late nights going blind reading and writing code I do not in the least understand).

    Life is grand...

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    Thanks a lot !! Really help me:)


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    Hi, I just tried Koeklin's method but don't see the line of the date on the blog summary in iWeb.


    "My explaination was a bit short, here is the "read more..."

    Double Click the line of the date in the blog summary (blog main page or archive).

    Inspector > Text > Color and alignment > click color box

    in the colors window, move opacity cursor to 0."


    I have included my page here: http://www.quantumhealthcentre.com/www.quantumhealthcentre.com/Services/Services .html


    Wanted to find a way to remove the dates on this page and also to remove the archive page completely.  Any advice would be appreciated.