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Hi all,

I just bought a video game, Dragon Age 2, for my macbook pro, which is about 2 years old. The game apparently needs OS X 10.6.5 or higher, and I have 10.5.8. I tried downloading the latest, 10.6.7, but it won't let me use that because 10.6.6 is a prerequisite. Argh!

My question is, how do I get 10.6.5 or higher so that I can run this stupid game? I'm rather computer illiterate, especially when it comes to macs, so please try and explain this to me as simply as possible. Thanks in advance!

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    What you need to buy is the retail disk for snow leopard. Then you use it to upgrade your mac to whatever version of 10.6 is on the disk (mine have 10.6.3, while a more recently-purchased disk might be later.) After you run the update to 10.6.x, you run the Software Update program, and it updates everything to the latest and greatest. The 10.6.7 combo update is over a GB, and there are gobs of other things which are 10's and 100's of MBs, so relocating yourself to the fastest internet connection that you can beg/borrow your way on to is worthwhile. Oh, and you have to keep running Software Update until it tells you that there are no more updates -- the java updates are not cumulative, so you have to install them one after another and Software Update won't show you the next one until you do the last one.
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    Hey Cathy,

    Thanks! I appreciate your timely response. So as I understand it, I need to get Snow Leopard, and then upgrade my OS one step at a time until it is at least 10.6.5? And these updates, from 10.6.0 through to 10.6.5, are all free right?
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    Keep in mind that you must have an Intel powered Mac to use Snow Leopard (OS 10.6). If your Mac has a G5 or older CPU, you cannot run Snow Leopard. You also must have 1 GB of memory or more installed.

    Also, if you use Software Update to update the OS, it will not make you download & install every "point" update (like 10.6.4, 10,6.5, & so on) individually & sequentially. The first time you run Software Update, it will probably offer the combo version of the 10.6.7 update, which takes any version of 10.6 to 10.6.7 in one step. Plus, since OS updates include various other updates, you won't have to install all of them individually.

    But don't worry. Software Update will sort all this out for you. As long as you run it until it tells you your software is up to date, you will have done everything necessary to update all your Apple software to the latest version. And yes, all this is free.