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adelio93 Level 1 Level 1
I created a configuration profiles and successfully installed/removed, using a USB connection from my windows laptop, on my iPhone. I update the OS on my Iphone (now is running OS 4.3.1)but now I cannot remove from the device.
I get the following error:
Desc : The profile Profile Name does not have the expected certificate for removal.
US Desc: The profile Profile Name does not have the expected certificate for removal.
Domain : MCInstallationErrorDomain
Code : 4008
Type : MCFatalError
Params : (
"Profile Name"
Extra info:
isPrimary = 1;

Reading the configuration utility manual it says:
"When you install directly a configuration profile on a device using USB, the configuration profile is automatically signed and encrypted before being transferred to the device. iPhone Configuration Utility automatically installs a certificate on the device for this purpose"

I did a restore of my iPhone but still I cannot remove the profile!!!

iPhone 4, iOS 4
  • McDom Level 1 Level 1
    I have exactly the same problem. Has anyone heard of a way around this?

    I'm on the last stage of a pilot for acceptance of iPads into our enterprise as an accepted mobile device; I discover today that I can't update or remove profiles now. The only change on the PC I set them up from is that I have upgraded IPCU.

    At the moment I only need to blank 25 devices; as it would be a different matter if I had to do this on 200+ devices, this is potentially a deal changer...
  • McDom Level 1 Level 1
    Has anyone any suggestions on this?

    I've done a full reset on a couple where I haven't been able to update or remove profiles, but it's negatively affecting my users' experience of the iPad.

    As an example of a robust business technology it's not winning any friends in my enterprise, and has put a (hopefully temporary) stop to our intent to adopt the iPad 2 in an extended pilot. Anyone from Apple care to comment why this strange behaviour is the case?
  • adelio93 Level 1 Level 1

    I solved the problem re-installing all the software without applying the backup.

  • mgm612 Level 1 Level 1

    I had a problem similar to this and turns out I was using a newer version of the configuration utility.  I reinstalled the older version of the utility and I was able to remove the profile.  I had to search online to find the older versions but I found them.  I had updated to version 3.3 but had to go back to 3.2 to remove the profile.