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Hi. I'm from Argentina. Is it possible that my iPhone being bought 2 months ago have come with iOS 4.1 from factory? I mean.. Or my cel company has units stored for months or Apple send the units from Europe and US that are given back by not happy users... I don't know. I suspect a lot about this. But there is nothig I cand do, is there? My phone works fine, except for the antenna issue, that we all have in low signal areas.. Maybe it's a refurbished one and they didn't tell me. But they sold it to me like a new one. Is there anyway to be sure if it's a new unit?

Dell XPS M1530, Windows 7
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    If the retail sales box was shrink wrapped, yes.

    The GSM iPhone sold in the U.S. is sold as carrier locked with AT&T only. It is against the law - at least in the U.S., to sell an iPhone as new when it is not, which couldn't be sold in another country anyway.

    If your iPhone shipped with 4.1, you can download and install the current firmware version or whatever firmware version is available at the time if not pre-installed.
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    I got my 4 in October. I was pleased with the battery usage, well, as pleased as you can be with a smartphone. After the last update, I would leave the house at 100% and 20-25 minutes later upon arrival at my office, with no usage, I would be at 95%. So I tried turning off everything (push, location, etc.) and the same thing happened. So, Tuesday night I took it to the Apple store and the guy did a diagnostic test. He said that I either had a bad battery or something was wrong with my firmware. I was offered a new phone, free of charge. I took it and charged it all the way up. Wednesday, the battery drain was very little. I synced last night and upgraded to 4.3.1 and today it was decent. I think it is a software problem myself.