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i have a iphone that was synced to another computer ... it died... so now i have photos on my iphone that i want to put on my new macbook pro... but when i sync it comes up with this...

This iPhone contains photos synced with another photo library or folder. Photos and albums on “Todd Matherne’s iPhone” will be replaced with photos and albums from this computer. Photos taken with “Todd Matherne’s iPhone” will not be affected.

do i want to do this or will i loose my photos on my phone

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7), iphone 4
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    The photo sync is one way - computer to iphone.

    Pictures taken with the iphone can be imported as with any digital camera.

    The iphone will sync pics and music with one and only one computer. When you sync to another, it will first erase the current content and replace with content from the new computer.

    If you sync contacts/calendars to a blank computer, then they will be erased as well.

    It has always been very basic to always maintain a backup copy of your computer files/docs/pics/music/etc. Use your backup copy to put everything on the new computer.
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    thanks... i do not have a back up... so the photos on my iphone are there and if i ever decide to sync them they will be lost...

    i can import the new photos i take but the others i can not.. i guess i am just stuck with them on my phone
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    There are some 3rd party utilities that provide for transferring these photos in the opposite direction which are not supported by Apple and the original resolution of these photos will be lost. Photos transferred from your computer are optimized for viewing on the iPhone as part of the iTunes sync/transfer process - the original resolution of these photos is reduced. The iPhone is not designed or intended to be used as a backup storage device.

    Here is one such utility.

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    did this solve it?


    I have slightly different problem...

    I have just upgraded my iphone 4 to have the 5 OS thingy and the album that I transfered to the phone when i got it, which had old pix and some camera photo's is now gone leaving just the iphone album.

    when i go back in to the photo tab and tick transfer photo's and "apply"  it comes up with the exact same message you had Todd.


    Will it delete the old transfer album or delete all 450 photos I have taken on the phone?

    Hoping it will just replace the old album???!!!!!


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    Do you have iphone 4 or 4s.I think on the 4s that photos you want to keep on your phone will have to be placed on the camera roll in IOS5.