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Hi all,
I have a Mac mini that will be used in conjunction with a point of sale display screen and I need to start an iPhoto slideshow automatically. I have iPhoto starting automatically currently but I need a slideshow to start without any user interaction (there won't be a keyboard or mouse connected when it goes live).


Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    If you don't mind I'll ask a moderator to move this post to the Automator forum.

    Your other option is to make a Quicktime movie of your slideshow with iPhoto as part of the Share menu Export command. Quicktime player can startup with that file and be setup to autoplay.
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    I've heard that I could achieve what I wanted using Automator, but I was stumped by it! I'm a programmer in C++/C# but this is probably the third or fourth time I've ever touched a Mac!

    I'd probably prefer to go with the Automator approach if a solution can be worked out, since I'll need to be updating the graphics on a semi-regular basis and I'd like to be able to just drop the new files in without recompiling a movie each time.
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    Automator -> New program

    On the left side find the action "Get Specified iPhoto Items" an pull it to the right sight. Hit "Select" in the action and choose your album with the pictures.
    Find the action "Play iPhoto slideshow" and also pull it to the right sight just under the first action.

    Try the program by hitting "Run" in the upper right corner. If it's fine you can save it as a program and select this program in System Prefereneces -> Accounts -> Login Items to be started automatically.
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    Thanks for the help guys.

    I ended up writing an AppleScript and sticking it in the system startup items. The wordiness of the syntax brings me back to my VB days!

    Here's what I had:

    tell application "iPhoto"
    set myAlbum to (album 1 whose name is "MySlideshow")
    select myAlbum
    select photo 1 of myAlbum
    start slideshow
    end tell

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    dahvyd - thanks for that it works!


    I'm trying to make it so it plays a slideshow which I've made so I've done this:


    tell application "iPhoto"


    set mySlideshow to "test1"

    select mySlideshow

    select slide 1 of mySlideshow

    start slideshow

    end tell



    But when I try to run it says "expected end of line, etc. but found number" and highlights 1


    Any ideas? It puts a title before the first slide. So I tried changing 1 to a 0 and 2 but still no joy


    If I delete that line it says:


    error "The variable mySlideshow is not defined." number -2753 from "my slideshow"

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    I realise this post is a little old now but I thought it was worth mentioning that I have found an EASY solution to this problem:


    Photopresenter by Bionx is quite similar to iPhoto. You can use it to taylor your slideshow to how you want it and then...save it as a screensaver (by clicking 'share/screensaver). You can then apply the saved screensaver to your mac mini and set the screensaver delay to 3 minutes.


    You should now be able to use the slideshow without a keyboard or mouse plugged in. Not sure about turning it off the mac mini though. Photopresenter costs about $10 but it well worth it if you think of the time and hastle it will save you.