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Alright, so I just started having this problem today. There's no apparent cause (it just happens randomly) but it seems to happen more often if I make some sort of rapid movement with the computer it happens more often. Occasionally, the "shut down" is accompanied by a 'pop' sound.

Each time it shuts down, I get a different colored background to accompany it. I'd prefer my MBP not turn into a slideshow of colors every 10-15 minutes. I'll update this with pictures as soon as I get them into my dropbox. I've had two light tan colored shut downs, one with no color at all, one with this oceanic green color, one orange, one yellow, and one purple. I have no idea if this means anything, but I figured I'd include it just in case.

I googled a bit and random shutdowns apparently used to occur because of some issue with the power cable on older MBPs. This makes no sense because I wasn't charging when I started having this problem, but I started and it still shut down.

The only difference from stock on this MBP is that in late January I replaced another non-stock hard drive that crashed with an Intel X-25M 80GB SSD. I have no idea if this is something to do with it, but I haven't had problems with it until now if it is.

As a side note, typing this message has been the longest it's been alive without shutting down.

Please, let me know if you have any idea what can be done or if you need more information. Thanks!

MacBook Pro 7,1 (mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    As an additional note, I just got done pulling off the back cover to ensure that everything I can get to is firmly plugged in, so unless it's something I missed or something I can't get to from there, it isn't anything to do with cables...I hope.
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    Sorry for triple posting.

    I just got, for the first time, a legitimate shut down message. The screen dimmed and it popped up the standard "You need to restart your computer. Hold down the Power button until it turns off, then press the Power button again."

    (In case I haven't mentioned it yet, that's what I've been doing every time this happens as it seems to be my only option).

    I restarted and got the 'report to apple?' error box. I opened up to copy paste the code into a text file to upload for anyone who might know what to do with it here, but I got another random shutdown as I was choosing a location for the file save.

    My computer is literally turning into the rainbow. Anywho, here are a few examples of what's happening. The red one is actually orange and the blue one is actually purple, my phone's camera apparently doesn't see very well.


    It may be worth mentioning that the first few times this occurred, none of my preferences, data, and settings changed. Somewhere along the way, I lost all of my custom Dock settings, my Active Corners settings (Top right was spaces, bottom left was Exposé). Not sure what else has been lost, it seems.
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    Oh look, a quad post....If there's an edit button I dont know about, someone please let me know...

    Laptop no longet boots at all, please excuse any grammatical errors I make from here on out, all further posts will be from my phone.

    I just got yet another freeze/shut down. I reset by holding the power button, but when I pressed it afterwards i got nothing but a beep. I let it sit for a minute and tried again. The disk drive spins up. I got the white loading screen, but it soon turned black. The backlight was on but nothing was being displayed. I reset AGAIN and now it simply goes straight to the backlight on + nothing displayed after the disk drive spins up.

    On tthe bright side, this is a great opportunity for me to learn to type faster and more effectively on my phone's keyboard...
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    Well, zero helpful posts later, I'm ready to take a shotgun to this piece of junk.

    I'll just drop it by the local mac store and tell the guy to have fun playing around with it, cuz I'm **** sure not gonna have fun without it. School without that thing is hellish.

    Thanks anyways, 70something viewers who had no idea what to ttry.

    If it matters, I also ran AHT off my Application installer disk. It found no problems on the extended test.
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    Well... I took the thing to my local mac store and didnt get Jack out of it. The guy said 'it's probably a hard drive thing (which, considering I'm in a <3 month old Intel X-25M, I doubt), and that it wouldnt be done with for at least five days, not including weekends. This was Friday afternoon. I just managed to scrape out enough time to get a Time machine backup out of it, soso I proceeded to reinstall OSX. A few (read: four) shut doens later, I'm on a freshly installed copy of 10.6.3, still having the exact same problem.

    It honestly makes no sense to me. I ran Apple hardware test the night I posted this before going to sleep, it turned back zero problems. I have verified and repaired disk permissions, verified the disk itself, all to no avail. I've yet to find a common denominator, so to speak, for my problem. It is a god damned ghost. It seems most common while watching videos, but it's happened while booting, while browsing and chatting on facebook, with nothing running but a time machine backup, and even while reinstalling OSX.
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    zxrax --

    Sorry you haven't gotten any responses until now.
    What a Mess!

    It does seem hardware related to me, as well.
    Graphics card / Logic board.
    But it's under warranty, eh?

    I would take it in, and get the five days under your belt.

    You don't have an Apple Store near you?
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    The nearest apple store is a solid hour's drive from where I live, but there's a PeachMac that's five minutes away. Luckily, I'm still under warranty (but only by a few months...Must be time to grab AppleCare before I can't anymore), so it should be a breeze.

    What I don't understand is that if it's hardware related, why did Apple Hardware Test turn back no results? Shouldn't it have given me something? Oh well. Thanks for the helpful post. Hopefully I don't have any major papers or anything that might come up that I have to work on in the next week or so, that would be a problem...
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    Just wanted to let you know I'm having the same exact problem with a MacBook Pro, complete with the popping sound, and also had all diagnostics come up clean at the apple store. If we figure it I'll let you know, and please do post if you get answers! Thanks!