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Since I have dropped my ipod touch a few times (fortunately inside a protective case), I think I better have a sturdy case for the ipad 2 as well.

What is the best case to protect the ipad 2 against drops? Perhaps something like the otterbox (they only have ipad 1 case)? Bulky is not a problem since I use it mainly at home. I will shop for an outdoor case later.

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  • Kilgore-Trout Level 7 (30,667 points)
    Nothing will be fool proof, but any case with lots of padding will help. While I have the standard black Apple cover on mine, I purchased an inexpensive Swissgear case (originally for a 10" netbook) for carrying when I'm out and about, or storing in my computer case for commuting and traveling.

    That combination may not suit your needs, but should give yo an idea.

    If you are looking for something in a portfolio format, I'm not sure you find anything that will really provide effective protection against dropping. But anything is better than nothing.

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    If you can wait, the otterbox case for ipad 2 is coming shortly:

    http://www.otterbox.com/ipad-2-defender-series/ipad-2-defender-series,default,pg .html

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    I second the Otterbox suggestion. My Step-Daughter has an iPhone and the complete Otterbox protection case - rubber sleeve with hard shell combo.

    It's what I plan to use when I am on the go and more likely to have it dropped.

    Someone in the Apple Store actually threw an iPhone across the room that had the full coverage Otterbox on it - it was unblemished and undamaged.

    While I do not plan to throw my iPad across the room - I know I am better protected in case of a fall than with any other case I could find.
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    The zaggmate is suppose to protect the ipad very well. They even showed a guy on opra dropping the case with ipad in it onto the floor and it didn't do a thing.  Hope this helps!

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    I have the original psuedo-suede case for my iPad1, and like you, it won't be leaving the house often. I feel pretty confident with that case, and not having a similar one for the iPad2 is one of the reasons I haven't upgraded yet. I have dropped an iPhone once, and it shattered gratuitously, so I prefer sturdy protection for my Apple devices.


    Like other posters have mentioned, no case is fool-proof, but the more padding and coverage, the better...


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    How come all the good ipad 2 cases are not ready until some future date? I assume apple released the specifications of the ipad 2 (or maybe even a physical mockup) to case makers before the launch date so they have time to design the cases.

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    My experience with my Kindle is that these tablet-like devices can be slippery, even in a case. You tend to carry them around in your hand, nestled in with your papers or books,, while juggling a drink in the other.  I've fumbled and then drop-kicked my Kindle several times, as often open while reading as when transporting it from room to room.


    It seems counter-intuitive, but the hard leather case on my Kindle is the goldvstandard in cases for me. The stiff, wrap around leather case


    1.  absorbs drop shock at the corner beautifully & it protects well.

    2.  It can be bent double, like breaking the spine of a book, so that you can grasp both the case AND the device in one hand

    3.  It has a positive mechanical lock on the edge of the device to ensure the cover never comes off in a drop.


    So far I haven't found a great iPad case that both offers a high degree of protection to the device but is unobtrusive to use.  The forthcoming Otterbox look quite protective but also clumsy to use.

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    Apparently the otterbox for ipad 2 has arrived. However $90 is too high for me. I guess I'll be looking for the next best thing.

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    Otterbox is great if you drop it on the corners.  We had one of our student drop the iPad flat on the ground landing on the back of the iPad.  There was a loud pop, and when we looked at the screen there was a crack across the entire screen.  We are looking for a different case now.

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    I think eco-friendly wood or bamboo cases is trending  to ,sturdy,luxury,top grade.

    I like it

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    My kids have dropped our iPad numberous times while wearing a Gumdrop Case and it remains completely unharmed!

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    My kids have dropped my iPad more times that I even know and it still works great thanks to the Hard Candy Shock Drop Case. This is an essential envestment if you are a parent of monsters! :)

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    The Honeycase claims to withstand any drop. I'm thinking about getting one for my kids.