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Hi folks,
anyone have an idea how to permanently "remove" an airplay speaker/device from iTunes which is no longer in use?

A while back I coupled up an airplay enabled Denon receiver with my iTunes. That receiver is now defect and I no longer have it, but the selection option for it still shows up annoyingly in my list of Airplay speakers under the Airplay icon in iTunes. Is there any way to permanently remove this speaker/device from this list?

Thanks for any help I might get with this!

Dell Laptop, Windows XP Pro
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    try a +power cycle+ of all your gear. shut down everything for @ least 10 minutes. then, in intervals of 5 minutes, turn the modem back on, your router next, and you computer last.

    fire up iTunes and the speaker should be gone.

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    Thanks, Jolly Green Giant. I'll give it a shot and will post my results once I tested this out.


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    Mhhh, coming to think of it, I don't believe that your suggestion will actually solve the problem I'm havíng, Jolly Green Giant.

    I'm currently in a completely different network with none of my airplay devices anywhere near and if I look at the Airplay icon in iTunes, my old/obsolete device still shows up (greyed out with a checkmark in front of it), along with my other devices which are still in use (but also checkmarked and greyed out since currently not available in this network).

    So I think once a device is coupled, it will permanently show up since it's somehow present in a database. The entry would have to be deleted somehow, I just don't know how.
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    just give it a try, no harm will come of it