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i,m new to logic 9 and i noticenot all of my a.u.s seem to be available (third party) i was wondering if i should work in 64 bit mode then maybe all of my plug ins will be there?

imac intel, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Don't bother.

    Your music will not sound any better and there are still a lot of
    unresolved issues under 64 bit OS.

    Now,I'll let the pundits contradict me...
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    ok, but how do i get logic to recognize my a.u.s that i know are on my hard drive?( i also use 2 other daws, and all my plug ins are recognized)
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    carllackey wrote:
    ok, but how do i get logic to recognize my a.u.s that i know are on my hard drive?( i also use 2 other daws, and all my plug ins are recognized)

    I got some good news, and some bad news.
    The good news is that there are a LOT of Audio Unit plug ins out there.
    The bad news is not all of them are compatible with whatever Logic version / Mac Os you are running.
    Just because you do not see an AU plug in on your list, does not mean that they will show up in 64 bit mode. In fact, there are LESS plug ins available in 64 bit mode, since not all plug in manufacturers have compatible versions.
    In simpler terms, 64 bit = no go. 32 bit ok to go.

  • Mike Connelly Level 4 (1,785 points)
    Which plugins?
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    I primarily use Logic Pro for sequencing projects and, with my current set-up, live in 64-bit mode 100% of the time. I mostly do software-based orchestral work (when I have the time to compose and sequence). Thankfully, most of *Native-Instrument's software* has been updated to 64-bit mode. This includes, of course, *Kontakt 4* which is a really big deal for me. Most of my instrumental software libraries utilizes the Kontakt 4 format. Also Garritan's Aria player (which houses the updated versions of GPO, JABB, *Steinway Piano*, etc.) now functions in 64-bit mode. Finally (because I don't play guitar at all), *Music Lab* has its guitar libraries ( RealStrat, RealLPC, and RealGuitar ) available in 64-bit mode as beta-versions which are all working fine for me (so far, knock on wood).

    With the exception of one reverb effect library which I really like (Altiverb by Audio Ease), I don't need to use the 32-bit bridge. Otherwise, I use Logic's own effects plug-ins which meet my very modest needs. When I do use the 32-bit bridge, it works just fine (so far, knock on wood).

    I know that there are lots and lots of popular plug-ins that people use that haven't been updated to 64-bit yet. Hopefully they will be updated. But it seems that some software companies are getting on the "64-bit bandwagon". As for me, I'm finally living happily in 64-bit land. For the most part, my modest needs are met.

    Just want to share a positive experience.
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    Amen to that. If the plugins you use most are 64 bit (particularly things like Kontakt, and big sample libraries), it's a huge improvement. If your sessions don't need that much ram or your plugs are all still 32, then stick with 32. It really just depends on your session and plugins.