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I lost all my contacts when i synced my iphone. I talked to several support personel on the phone with no luck, so I went to the apple store and talked to several different people....refusing to believe that my 10years of contacts could be gone so easily. So of course I've been complaining to everyone I see about it...lol....and, i've heard too many similar stories. This time next month, Ill be switching to a different phone....possibly the droid. It seems like everyone with a droid just keeps talking about how great it is. I dont care how great it is, just as long it doesnt delete my contacts
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    Were you not syncing contacts prior to this?
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    I'm having a similar problem. When I create a contact on my iPhone and sync to Address Book on my MacBook Pro, the contact is not written to Address Book (though any new contacts on Address Book are transferred to the iPhone). The new iPhone-created contact stays on the iPhone.

    However, if I then sync AGAIN, that new iPhone-created contact disappears completely. There seems to be no way to create contacts on my iPhone and have them moved to the Address Book via syncing. I have tried resetting iSync.

    Does anyone have any ideas on this?
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    I lost my contacts today after updating the phone's OS. I tried to restore but did not get the contacts back. Could this be relate to the update?
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    I just had the same problem, and restoring from a backup wasn't working. I found a solution.

    I recently had the windows restore virus on my pc - (a new variant that slipped through my security) I removed it but it left a few problems this being one of them. Basically it changed the status of loads of files and folders in my system to hidden, the iphone contacts backup being one of them. When I rectified this and restored my phone contacts from a backup they came back!

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