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When the Public Site Manager was first introduced I followed the instructions on how to migrate the content over. I was going to work on it and then other projects came up here. Since I have migrated the informtion over I have posted new content on the "old" itunes u site and don't have the slightest clue on what the last piece of content that i have was the last one posted to the PSM. Is there a way to re-migrate the content over to the new PSM or upload the new content on my "old" itunes u site over the the PSM from the last migration date? It is going to be very time consuming to go through my whole site to figure out what is and what is not on the PSM side of iTunes U. I hope someone can help me out with this.

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    Greetings Chris;
    When you log in to the old iTunes U environment, all of the collections will have a "Date Modified" tag. Also, in each individual collection you can sort the contents by "Date Released". You can compare the release date with the date that you migrated to the new Site Manager environment to see what content was added after the move. Hope this helps. All the best with your site...
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    I am in the same position.  Was originally migrated 2 years ago but no work done on site since then.  Anyway to re-migrate the site instead of manually going through and identifying items added since migration?  Apple?