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I have had my phone for several weeks and have had no issues hearing the other line. As of today, I cannot. If I put it on speaker, I can hear but on regular speaker (so only I can hear) I can hear myself but not the person with whom I am trying to speak. Also, I can hear them if I put headphones in.

MC318LL, iPhone OS 3.1.3, iPhone 4
  • sherms Level 1 Level 1
    My iPhone 4 running 4.3.1 is also have the same problem, where the caller cannot hear me and I have done Restart, Reset, Restore which did not help just wasted my time. This is starting to get really annoying as I have to carry two phones now since apple cannot make phones that carry basic functions.

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  • morcelle Level 1 Level 1
    Agreed. I should add that this started shortly after the 4.3.1 update but not immediately after.
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    Oh gosh me too and it isnt just the speaker phone, the speaker is no longer functioning and it happened immediately after I updated my software yesterday. I cant hear the phone ring or the alarm clock. It blows, im so sad about my iphone, I have tried a hard reset and a restore and still nothing. I am so very annoyed and between school and work I dont have time to get to an Apple store until Friday. If I am late for work because I sleep through the vibrate I am going to lose me head, I was almost late today before I realized I had a problem.

    Can someone email me if this is resolved? nece8204@aol.com **No spam please, this email gets plenty without any additional help*

    Also I am pretty sure I have gained at least 7lbs since buying this iphone, constantly sitting in front of the computer snacking trying to play the "whats the problem now" game. Im snacking right now and I just left the gym 30 minutes ago.
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    Add me also Hope somebody has a resolution Herb