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I have an iPad 3G that I have owned for the past year, I have a SIM card that I have used with the iPad 1 for the past year, I recently bought an iPad 2 3G and I have been getting a SIM error frequently on the iPad 2 that I didn't get on my iPad 1. What I do when it happens is put the iPad in airplane mode a couple of times and it starts working again. The SIM is from Claro in the Dominican Republic and like I mentioned I have used this SIM for almost a year in my iPad 1 without a problem. Any ideas what could be happening? Could it be a problem with the iPad 2 and older SIM cards?

MacBook Pro 13", Mac Pro 8 Core, iPad 2 64GB 3G & iPhone 4, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
  • Dadof2Girls Level 3 Level 3 (545 points)
    Yes. You need to check with your provider and see if the older card is compatible with the iPad2.
  • HectorV Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)
    Why shouldn't it be, it's the same radio as on the iPhone 4, I don't think that there should be a problem, a SIM is a SIM, no? If it has worked on my iPad 1 for almost a year why shouldn't it work on the iPad 2?
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    I have same issue with the iPad 2. It goes into no sim error and sometimes wakes up when I come out of airplane mode. Contact apple for guidance. For my specific device they recommended replacement but warned the turn around time is about 2 weeks.
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    I got same issue and go to Apple Store, tomorrow i will go for a new iPad 2, so go to change your iPad 2 for other new.

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    No, your iPad 2 is defective. 


    Let me walk you through my experience - and hopefully it will sum it up a bit.  If you want, skip the Days (below) and go straight to the next paragraph.


    Day -28 - I paid ~$900 CAN for the iPad 2 + accessories.  Had to wait almost 4 weeks for iPad 2.

    Day 1 - Arrival.  The iPad 2 worked great with the SIM card.

    Day 2 - Upgraded the firmware via iTunes and the SIM card could not be detected anymore after the reboot.

    Day 3 - Removed / Re-inserted SIM card to no avail.  Factory reset - no change.  Phone support refused to replace unit for me until I try a new SIM card.  They told me I need to go to a Rogers for a new SIM card.

    Day 4 - Went to Rogers, who refused.  They sent me to the Apple 'genius' bar.

    Day 5 - Went to the 'genius' bar, they booked me an appt for next day.

    Day 6 - Met with 'genius' bar representative, tried several SIM cards, none would detect.  Refused to replace my iPad because it is 'engraved'.  Made me go back to phone support.

    Day 7 - Phone support had to 'send me a box' to send it back in because they want me to 'repair' my new DOA unit

    Day 12 - Fedex problems.  Had to drive to edge of city to get packaging and ship iPad 2 in for repair.

    Day 19 - Apple notifies me they recieved it and 'cancelled' the repair.  Had to call and talk to three different representatives to find out what they meant by 'cancelled'.  Turns out, it meant because its DOA they sent a new one.

    Day 28 - Finally found someone from Apple who give me an update.  After many emails finally got a tracking number.

    Day 33 - Today - recieved 'new' iPad 2.  Without so much as an apology.  Again, had to go to the edge of the city to pick it up because of Fedex problems.  Fedex blames Apples 'rules' for their delivery practices with iPad.


    Now, before I sent my 'defective' unit in, I took a very close look at the contact points for the SIM card inside the iPad.  It isn't properly lined up inside the unit and was loose.  If you remove your SIM card, and put it in/out a few times, and put it in very carefully --- it will probably stay lined up for a few days.  But the problem is, that some of the iPad 2's seem to have a native defect in how they handle the SIM cards.  Not all seem to have the problem.  Probably only a specific group of them.


    So, what to do?  Get a replacement.  If they weren't so cheap on their quality with the SIM cards contact points and performed on-the-line quality control - you wouldn't have this problem.  But then again, thats what happens when they rely on an underpaying company in a poverty stricken country to create and manage a thousand dollar item for a tenth of the price in manufacturing costs.


    I'm not terribly happy with everything - but trust me get your iPad replaced before those contacts move around too much and finally just break internally.  Once that happens, it will never find your SIM card again.  And pray you didn't engrave it, because at least then Apple might decide to replace your product at the Apple store.


    - Ed

  • xsilverhammer Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Would like to share my experience here. I had the same problem and I sent my unit for a repair/replacement.

  • gipeto Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same thing here (Italy). Ordered a iPad 2 3G 64GB with a Vodafone SIM (04.19.2011), engraved. Arrived 05.12.2011 and everything worked fine for a couple of months, until I upgraded the firmware with the latest update via iTunes.

    Immmediately after reboot there was the NO SIM error message. I tried everything suggested, swapped several cards, switched on/off the airplane mode, to no avail.

    Eventually APPLE said it was defective and replaced the iPad with a new unit.

    Still waiting after a week. 

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    I have a same problem my iPad worked perfectly about a month  and suddenly after update to iOS 5.0.1 it started to get the no sim error . I tried all tools : replace the sim , total reboot ,  it still unconscIous out. anybody knows how to resolve this problem

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    I have the same problem. Initially the iPad2 3G (32Gb) I received in the mail worked fine for about 5 months and then I started to get the "No SIM Card Installed" error pop up. This would resolve once I switched it to airplane mode and back again but it was annoying. I sent it to the Apple Store to get it replaced and was told it would take 4 weeks due to my engraving but I was fine with that - I just wanted a working iPad2. To their credit, a week goes by and they call me and I get my replacement iPad2, all engraved and everything.


    However, about a week after I received the new iPad2, the "No SIM Card Installed" error message started popping up again. It's been about a month now and I'm going to send it back to get another one. Hope the next iPad 2 is not faulty as well, if it is, then Apple just has really bad quality control and seems to make products that just don't work.

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    Same problem here!

    I have starting to notice this behavior since I have upgraded to 5.0.1.

    I have Rogers as 3G provider (in Canada).

    I'll try to contact Apple support to see what they'll say about the issue.


  • unilsson Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Now, not being a frequent user of 3G on my ipad2, in fact I haven't had it running since the latest iOS update I noticed that I now have "No SIM card installed" and thus no service. Tried it all, resetting networks, restoring the iPad, reinserting SIMs and so on. No success whatsoever. Put the SIM i my old iPhone4, worked like a charm. Tried my iPhone4S SIM in the iPad, nothing.


    So, hardware error? I like to think that something is messed up in the iOS update and that iPad2 is also seeing this error that supposedly was fixed by the new iPhone4S update to iOS5.

  • leslietan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I sent in my iPad and got a new one (my third already, the last two had "No SIM Installed" errors) and it's been 5 days and all seems fine. I think it's just faulty units - if you're still under warranty, go change it till you get one perfectly working unit - it's just Apple's bad quality control that's releasing faulty units to an unsuspecting public.

  • unilsson Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It's too synchronized with the iOS update to be a coincidence. Anyway, no big deal...iPad3 is next.

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    I agree - if you see all the threads about this - it has to be the iOS 5 update. I hope it's resolved in 5.1 and we get whatever tweak the 4s update got for the same issue.

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