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Can I sync Windows OUTLOOK contacts to IPAD2 I do not have Echange

DELL STUDIOXPS, Windows Vista, to IPAD 2
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    I don't believe you can in iTunes, but a work around would be to sync them to Google/GMail then sync them to your iPad.
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    If I read this right, you run outlook and use it to access imap or pop servers. Inside of outlook you have a bunch of contacts and you want those sync'd to your ipad. I'm also assuming you use a windows PC.

    itunes will sync contact locally and not over the air if you want. the settings are in the "info" section of your device (click on your ipad in itunes and select the info tab). Not sure if outlook is an option or not.

    Alternatively, you can use google sync to keep your outlook contacts sync'd with gmail contacts. Then let your Ipad keep sync'd over the air with gmail. I find it best to pick a place in the cloud (gmail, live, yahoo, or mobile me) and think of it as master. Your contacts, mail, calendar reside there. Now outlook is a client to give you access just as your ipad is a client to give you access. It makes life a lot easier. One trick for outlook is to view all your contacts cards, select them all, and export them as Vcards. Now you can import those puppies anywhere you like.

    If you elaborate on your complete situation, you may get better help.