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Just upgraded to iPhone 4. When I tried to sync it to my old iPhone info in iTunes a message came up saying the software was an older version than the software on my old phone (i downloaded the latest version for my old phone 2 days ago). It said I needed to download the latest software and set up the phone as a NEW phone before I could then sync the old phones info..

I have done all this, but now when I try to sync I can only see the new phone as an option. Where can I access the old phones info in iTunes to sync it?


iPhone 4, iPhone OS 3.1.2
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    Sounds like you performed a sync with your new iPhone, that's why you're not presented the option of restoring from the backup of your old phone. To fix, do this: first, delete any iPhone backups listed for your new phone(there should be at least one) under iTunes>Preferences(under the edit menu if using Windows)>Devices. On that same preference pane, disable auto-sync when an iPod/iphone is connected. Next, on your new phone: Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content & Settings, this should take but a minute. When finished, connect your new phone, right-click in the left device pane & select "Restore from Backup". Select the most current backup from your previous phone, follow this by syncing your iTunes content to your new phone.
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    Oh my gosh, thank you thank you thank you! I was panicking because it was starting to look like the sync for my replacement phone had wiped out my backup and that there was no way to recover the original phone backup. Phew! You are a lifesaver!! Thank you!!