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The iPhone Mail app does not check for new e-mails that have been moved automatically by server-side rules from the INBOX to IMAP sub-folders; it only checks for new e-mails in the INBOX folder. As a result, the overall new e-mail count is off and one has to manually open each and every subfolder to force a resync and show any new e-mails they may contain, which can be extremely tedious and frustrating.

I have been unable to find any workaround for the iPhone Mail app though. In both cases this is a lack of basic IMAP functionality.

Please contribute to this thread if you are experiencing the same issue in order to make it more prominent, and thus increase its odds of being either fixed in a later update or worked around by someone smarter than me.

If this issue has already been fixed, then I apologize and humbly request guidance on how to apply a resolution.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4