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mightybees Level 1 Level 1
Can anyone help?
I created a movie using iMovie 09 last night and uploaded it to YouTube using the share menu.
It states that the movie has been uploaded but there is no sign of it in My Movies on the YouTube website.
That was about 12 hours ago.
Is this usual or has the upload failed?
Any ideas?

13 inch MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6), I also own an iPad and an iPhone 4
  • jlstaz Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having the same exact problem. The only workaround I've had is to export and then manually upload it via the YouTube site. SOO annoying!
  • KeithLewington Level 1 Level 1

    Here's what to do, I've just tested this and it solves it. DO NOT type quote marks in your tags in iMovies you tube export window. They fail to be recognised by you tube and it rejects the video. To be on the safe side, input your tags in the editing page on you tube. I've tested this today and every video with quote marks in the tags fails. Take quote marks out and they show straight away in you tube. Let me know how you get on :-)

  • gwickes Level 1 Level 1

    Glad I found this thread!  Keith's suggestion of eliminating use of quotes in tags area was spot on. I removed the quotes and video now uploaded successfully.


    I also was baffled at why publishing my video from iMovie to youtube would not work. No error, just would hang.  I use an iPad 3 with iMovie for iPad ($4.99 download). After editing my video I was ready to upload.  Filled in all the info in youtube upload area (title, description, tags (including quotes around phrases) as well as changing defaults to HD and public).  After watching the progress bar reach the end, the process would just hang without any error being displayed. Tried redoing a few times, but same hanging result.


    Once I found this thread, I said why not try and remove the quotes in the tag section...and amazingly, it worked perfectly...upload completed after the progress bar was finished.  Marvelous!  I will then go to YouTube to update the keyword phrases in quotes


    Thanks Keith... Who would have thought the quotation marks were the culprit

  • sterndata Level 1 Level 1

    I've tried with and without tags.  iMovie crashes as soon as I start the upload to YouTube process.