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I would like to move read messages to a folder which remains within the Mail application. I don't want to archive them off to my local hard drive. I just want to keep my inbox clear of previous messages. Can this be done in Mac Mail? Thank you.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Click the '+' in the bottom left corner of the main Mail window. Choose New Mailbox, then choose a location ("On My Mac" to store the messages on your machine only, or choose an e-mail account to store them online). The new mailbox shows up in the list on the left side of the Mail window. Drag any messages you want into that mailbox.
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    Yes, what I think may be the case here is that adding a mailbox shows as "On My Mac" so OP is looking for a way to store "Off his Mac". You've also provided a solution for that but may be just a basic misunderstanding of the way Mail works.

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    MacJack & Thomas, Thanks for the replies but I don't understand them. Can you rephrase it for my simple mind? I am getting hung up on terms like "On my Mac" and "Off his Mac" what do they mean? I want to keep my messages somewhere so that if I login to my wife's macbook, they will all be there too. (I have MobileMe and do sync my mail accounts). If that makes a difference. Thanks again.

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    Open Mail, at the bottom lefthand corner of the lefthand window click the + sign, select new mailbox, a dialog will open for you to pick a location and a name for the new mailbox, name it as you like and do not locate it in "on my mac" because it's on your mac not the server. Look for your MobileMe account and locate it there.

    Or go to the website and do it there.