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I have a presentation made on a Mac Pro in Keynote. When I tried to open it on an iPad, the font (I use Chalkboard) got changed to some crazy cursive-like font (which makes all the text boxes be a different size) and a ton of image and movie elements show up as white boxes. Am I doing something wrong or is the iPad Keynote not very good at showing precisely what a Mac Keynote app would show??

Intel Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    This article (FAQ) discusses some of the differences. It does discuss what happens to fonts since Chalkboard is not supported on Keynote for iPad.
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    Ok. Is it possible to tell it what font to replace with? the one it chose is horrible, and it's too painful to change it by hand on every single page.

    Also how about embedded movies - are these not supposed to work on iPad if they work on the Mac?
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    I totally agree. I had the same problem, I made a presentation on my Mac with Chalkboard font. Before, I checked that the iPad had that font and I found ChalboardSE, so I thought that they would be compatible. But... when I exported the presentation to my iPad... Keynote preferred Chalkdust, which is bigger and the presentation is really messy in the iPad.


    Any solution?

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    Hi, I spent many hours trying to figure out how to convert/create Keynote presentations on my MacBook that transfer without modification to the iPad.  I am improving but have not been totally successful.  I created a sheet of formatting items, fonts, transitions, builds, etc. that the iPad supports.  I suggest you go to Apple Support.  You can look to the left of the screen under Browse Support.  Go down until you see the dropdown labelled All products...  Click the dorpdown and select Keynote (iPad).  Access a number of the listed Faqs and you can create your own sheet of supported fonts and elements by doing cut and paste.  I am going to run through the support again.  My presentations are still converting but only on minor issues that I can fix.  My major issue right now seems to be master slides and themes.  I believe those two items probably impact most of the conversion issues on the iPad.  My situation is I am converting a lot of presentations from PowerPoint with custom masters.


    I believe the link above is dead but this one is useful http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4114.


    You will find out slides need to be 1024x768 and pictures should be converted to PNG files.  You can convert to PNG using Preview.


    Good Luck

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    A year and a half later, they still haven't fixed the Chalkboard vs. Chalkboard SE problem.  This is silly since the solutions are SIMPLE!