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Hello, I started a project in iMovie 3 - this resides on a Powerbook G4 running 10.3.9.

I would like to continue working with the same project in IMovie 6, located on a Macbook
running 10.4.11.

Is there a way to move the iMovie 3 project, complete with the timeline, clips et.al., over
to the newer version and have it remain "intact" so that when I might open it in version 6,
all the formatting, clips et.al. will be manageable/editable? If this is possible, can you tell
me how to move the project into the newer application?

Thanks very much.


G4 Dual Boot 1.25 MDD, TiBookG4, IbookG3, older PMacs, Mac OS 9.2.x, OS 9.2.2. + Tibook-OSX 10.39, Ibook 10.39
  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 Level 6 (19,450 points)

    From version 3 to version 6. That is a gigantic step and my guess is that it might work but give
    strange and errorous behavior.

    Save Your movie project so that it can be moved to Mac with iMovie HD6
    (to move from Mac to Mac - there are a MUST and a Should)
    • MUST - be on a hard disk formatted as Mac OS Extended - UNIX/DOS/FAT32/Mac OS Exchange WILL NOT WORK for video.
    • Should be via FireWire - as USB/USB2 performs badly especislly when HD gets full

    Then when in an easy to find location eg on DeskTop - I would start iMovie HD6 and from within
    this try to open the iM 3 movie project (was a folder as I remember it)

    STILL THERE IS a BIG SUGGESTION - that most of us gray-backs learned time to time.

    • NEVER Change a working environment during a on-going Project and especially NOT
    iMovie version or updates
    QuickTime version/update (it is the heart in iMovie and FinalCut - surgery is dangerous)
    *Mac OS* version - Top Dangerous

    I would do this in another way.
    • in iMovie 3 - Export out movie as full Quality QuickTime
    • in iMovie HD6 import this
    • then re-place piece by piece in re-building the movie in iM HD6 using the QT.mov
    as a template.
    This is even more so a practice I use when going from iMovie to FinalCut.

    Yours Bengt W
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    hi and thanks for your time. i have successfully opened the version 3 project in the newer version 6 app on mac 10.4. now comes the experimentation with manipulation of the original media files --i.e.
    modifiying the clips, titles, etc. in the newer version. it appears i will be able to do it - or replicate the original clips easily enough with new rendering of titles duplicating original content scheme....

    yes, i definitely appreciate the wisdom of not shifting to a new application version during the making of a project -- this is just a situation where something was done several years ago and needs updated several years later.... hence, i prefer trying to do so in the later-era version if possible. So long as I can open the initial project in the version 6 format, i should be ok because at least i can replicate the original work pretty easily....worst-case scenario, i can access the original media files and change/reapply the graphics within version 6. Funny, for my needs, the older version always seems easier and more straightforward; of course that goes for every piece of technology i've ever used...be it software...or whatever. I could still be perfectly content with OS 8.6 or earlier and not feel anything subsequently released has done anything to improve upon the user interface or workflow; rather, it has typically only added more bloat and needless complexity : ). Fascinating phenomena.