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I have an iPhone 3G and have been using it for a couple years. Yesterday, however I noticed something completely unusual.
My battery was at about 45% around 6pm and by 9 it had died completely, and I had barely used it, other than sending a few texts, and my 3G was off. So then I plugged it in and let it charge fully, and unplugged it before I went to bed. When I woke up in the morning, the battery was at 80% already, and I had not at all used it. Yes, I was connected to wifi but my push notifications were off, and the usage time and standby time were the same.
By 4pm today, my battery had gone down to 20% again. I don't know what's causing this all of a sudden. I hadn't downloaded any new apps, and I don't think any thing else is running in the background.
Does anyone know what could be wrong?

Any help is appreciated!

iPhone 3G, iOS 4
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    I just deleted all my apps and deleted my email account, and it's still eating up battery.
    The 3G/Wifi is off. Push notification are off.

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    I have exactly the same problem and it started at the same time. Can not figure it out. If I charge my phone in the evening it's dead before my alarm is supposed to go off in the morning. Useless. Please advise.
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    I too started experiencing this issue within the last few days. My usage and standby hours are always the same and the battery drains like crazy. I haven't installed any new apps lately.

    I wonder if it's something AT&T did to their towers and how the phone communicates with them because based on "symptoms" I've been reading on this forum, it's not specific to an app.
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    I've been experiencing the same thing! I maybe off here, but I swear Apple wrote something in the last software update to start delaying the older phones in order to irritate the users and buy an upgrade.
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    I've been testing this like crazy. The usage and standby time are always the same, which lead me to think the phone is always on the "on" mode (even with screen turned off). I tried turning off as many features as possible and did not solve my problem.

    Reinstalling 3.1.3 and then restoring the phone didn't work.

    Now, reinstalling 3.1.3 AND setting up the phone as a new phone did trick! My standby and usage time now are different (with usage time being only the minutes I had the screen on) and are correct. I'm adding back things piece by piece. So far adding back: music, podcasts, contacts, email (both an Exchange and a gmail account), calendar (Exchange) did not bring the problem back.

    The downside is that you lose all your settings, app data (angry birds unlocked levels for example), SMS, etc.

    My next thing for me is to go through the apps.
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    Same thing here!! It started after i downgtaded my iOS from 4.2.1 to 3.1.3!!
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    Have you reset ((rebooted) the phone? If you still have the problem after rebooting turn cellular data, 3G and WiFi on. Wait an hour and check again (so queued messages get processed). If you still have a problem go to Restrictions in the Settings app and disable Ping, Multiplayer games and App store.