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Marc Eaton2 Level 1 (5 points)
If I open my hard drive icon on the desktop, on the left side under "shared" is this: your-4dacd0ea75 and has a little square blue screen next to it. How do I take this off? I appreciate any help.

macbook white, Mac OS X (10.6.7), Snow Leopard
  • ggarthe Level 1 (65 points)
    I don't know if I'd say that's malware, and to my knowledge none yet exists, or is at least active in the wild, for OS X. Sounds more likely that there is a PC with a shared folder on whatever local network you're connected to. Disconnect from any networks you're on, be it wifi or ethernet, reboot and see if the shared PC goes away.

  • NA Smith Level 2 (345 points)
    Whenever anyone asks for help with Malware on a Mac, the stock answer is "there is no malware on a Mac..." because generally it is the UFO siting of problems on OSX.

    your-4dacd0ea75 IS actual Malware. On a Mac. Congratulations, you have done the nearly impossible.

    your-4dacd0ea75 is actually a big problem for PCs (Google it - it is) and a nagging problem for Mac owners. Posts here in "discussions" as well as elsewhere in cyberspace speak of Repair Permissions as the sure way to make it disappear, but others say it just comes back. Other people recommend ClamXav the free antivirus for Macs, but their Forum makes no mention of your-4dacd0ea75

    If it were myself, I would do an Erase and Install, but most folks here hate that answer. You can do your own Search and trash all references to it. For that I would not use Spotlight, as much as freeware or trialware: EasyFind search tool or FindAnyFile search tool to seek out anyplace the bug may be hideing.

    Perhaps the people who Repaired Permissions failed to erase all cookies & caches. I would look there first. You are in uncharted waters here - try anything you can think of.

    As a rule you are in much LESS trouble that PCs (unless you got this through Boot Camp - did you?)
  • ggarthe Level 1 (65 points)
    Well I'll be, so it is. Though from what I can tell after reading about it, there doesn't seem to be any real threat to Mac users, more of just a real nuisance. If it were me, I'd go with the erase and install route as well, it's probably the only way to really guarantee it's been eradicated.