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amigo max Level 1 (0 points)
i have an Ipad 1 64GB, i have brought it from the U.S but i live in dubai,
It worked fine for a few months after i got it, but then a few days ago it
all of a sudden stopped working, it would'nt switch on, would'nt show any sign of being charged either, there is and was no physical damage done to it.
Is there anything i can do? or do i have to visit the service centre for this?
Thank you.

PC, Windows 7
  • King_Penguin Level 10 (120,141 points)
    Have you tried pressing and holding both the sleep and home buttons for about 10 seconds to see if the Apple logo appears ?
  • dlg_az Level 2 (225 points)
    There are several posts on this issue. You can use the Search feature to find them. However, if you hold the power button and the home button down for 10-15 seconds, it will reboot. Try that first.
  • amigo max Level 1 (0 points)
    Thnx king penguin a lot, that worked. It running fine right now.
    What had actually happened? Can you tell me when do these problems occur?
    Was it my usage problem or was it a Malfunction or something?
    Thank you,
  • red555 Level 4 (2,550 points)
    It was just one of those strange things that happen to computer-type devices that necessitate a reboot. Be Glad it's working and if it ever happens again, you know how to fix it.
  • King_Penguin Level 10 (120,141 points)
    Don't know why it happens - I've had it happen once (a number of months ago), and, judging by the posts on here, a number of other people have as well.
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    I had the same problem before, it cant be charged and does not turn on. I tried plugging in for 1 hour and tried plugging in to itunes without any luck. See what I resolved the problem at


    http://prakticality.blogspot.com/2011/05/ipad-does-not-charge-and-does-not-turn. html

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    I thank you for this information. It had never occured to me the iPad 4 would need a hard reboot like this. I have to do it on my Acer Icona 500 on occasion, but I figured apple would be less needy.


    As for why, it's not too difficult to figure out.


    The system is like a computer that's always on 24/7, unless you specifically turn it off, and so it's processing data, even in sleep mode.


    Eventually, something goes hairy, requiring a hard reset to clear the memory of whatever went south.


    Tablets are less prone to this, but as even my iPad 4 showed me, not totally immune to it.