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i was messing with my phone today (iphone 4) and i tapped on restriction and it asked me to put a code, and i typed in random numbers and i did not think it would save it because when it asked me to re type it there is no way that i typed in the same number twice and some how it saved a pass.. now i dont know if it has restricted my phone but i need to turn it off.. how do i do this when i dont know my code? i put in random numbers?

if your thinking i am a child whos had his phone locked.. no.. stolen phone.. no it is genuine phone i have had since release date but when i was trying to find the option for multi tasking gestures that every one seems to have on their phone but me even when i have 4.3.1 and i thought turning restrictions on would do it then when i opened the setting i though how will that make any difference but i stupidly typed the random numbers and now cant turn it off. i would like to do it with out restoring if possible, i am a dev and i have some games and apps i made i am testing, i think restoring will delete them

macbook pro 13 inch, Mac OS X (10.6.7), processor 2.4GHz intel core 2 duo memory 4GB 1067 MHz DDR3, iphone 4 32GB
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    how do i do this when i dont know my code?

    You'll have to restore your phone as a "new" device in iTunes, not from backup, to remove the restrictions passcode. All saved data on your phone will be erased, including the restrictions passcode.
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    i havent done a backup since typing in a random code twice.. so surely just doing a restore then backup then i would lose it? but then i would lose the apps i am developing and trying out..

    i dont know how it managed to save because i did not type the same numbers twice :S

    stupid mistake really but i did not expect it would save some random password when i never typed it the same twice
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    so surely just doing a restore then backup then i would lose it?

    No. Re-read my post. That is the ONLY way to remove the restrictions passcode if you cannot remember it. If it were easy to remove, there wouldn't be much point in having a restrictions setting.
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    i typed it literally 5 minutes ago but i typed random numbers.. so it snot a case of not remembering its that i never knew what i typed in... the weird thing is i typed different numbers when it asked to re type and some how it saved a code
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    my phone registered the passcode as 555555 when i thought i typed in different random numbers