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My Apps stopped updating and/or downloading via WiFi and 3G on 3 different devices (Iphone 3Gs, Iphone 4, and IPad)

All devices using IOs 4.x

Restore and Hard Reset does not fix the issue.

On each device I follow the steps below:

App Store -> updates-> Update all-> password

Everything looks like it starts to update then the little progress bar goes away and the update just stops.

Tried to update one App at a time with same results.

Tried to install new apps with same result.

No error or warning messages.

It just seems strange this started happening on three different devices and does not matter if I try to update or download via 3G or WiFi.

This makes me think the App store does not like me?

Iphone 3Gs, 4, andIPad, iOS 4, new to mac