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hey everybody!
so, i used to be able to delete e-mails on my iphone (through my gmail account) without having them get deleted from my inbox on my mac's mail app. however, lately, this is not the case. i would like to be able to delete certain messages so that they won't have to stay on my phone but i still need them on my mac.

does anyone have any solutions to this problem?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    I'm interested in this too as I'm trying to help someone with the exact same issue with Gmail. It just started. I tried changing the settings to "On My iPhone" > "Trash" and it doesn't work.
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    I need the same answer applicable to Microsoft Exchange on a pc. When deleting email from the iphone it is deleting it from everywhere. I need it to stay on the laptop so that the laptop "controls". I just switched over from a blackberry and there was a email control function where you could tell the berry to defer to the laptop when deleting.
    I also having an issue in that my "sent" emails are not appearing on the laptop - anywhere. I cannot find a location to alter this.
    Please advise and thank you.
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    I'd also like to hear if there's a way to accomplish this. Same thing, switched over from a blackberry and trying to figure out how I can leave messages on the server but delete off of the phone.