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    You are right, I'm sorry that I hijacked the thread..! Good to know that Apogee customer service is simply handing out bogus information... though the iPad / audio output issue is an obvious oversight. Call tech support at Apogee: 310 584 9394
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    OK, so what's the bottom line. I have my Apogee Jam coming in a few days.

    Is this a problem with all of the units or is this just one person having an issue?
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    mine is working well with iPad1 and garageband. Still learning and trying to get it working with iPod 4th. Online tech support from apogee stated that they are testing a bunch of 3rd party software and will be updating compatibility in coming weeks. Lots of interest from 3rd parties so it sounds like compatibility is a software thing at present.
  • arrrrrrgh Level 1 (15 points)
    how did you get it to work with ampkit on an iPod 4th? I've tried and I get "no input" with the only choices headphones and dry recording.
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    zmix, I sincerely apologize if you got the impression I was implying you "hijacked" the thread. in no way was that intended. I was trying to understand why Apogee may have given out incorrect information, and assumed they misunderstood queries regarding their unit, possibly stating that GarageBand is not supported on iPod touch 4th fact, It is possible that jam "isn't supported" on iPod touch. That doesnt mean it doesn't work.

    Remember, Apple does not support the Camera Connection Kit for many uses, in which it actually works. I have used the CCK with many USB items, although it isn't officially supported.

    I can personally confirm that every app that I use on my iPhone 4 with the Jam, works exactly the same on my iPod touch 4th gen. I hope that your Jam arrives soon, and I think you will be very happy with it. Sorry if you took my response the wrong way.

    As far as the original poster, I am confused about how the iPad is informing him that it is attempting to send
    output to 30 pin connector. The Jam does not have output like the Apogee One, Duet , or Gio.

    I just now connected my CCK and Griffin Imic to my iPad through the 30 pin, and even with this set up the audio is not only output the line out of the Griffin, but is also being sent to the headphone output. I must be interpreting his post incorrectly, as I have not been able to force the output to not come from the headphone out.
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    We have it on good authority that AmpKit should work just fine with the Jam, but we're waiting to have a test we can publish to say conclusively.

    Our testing will include the iPod 4. This thread has got me eager to try it out.
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    I've been trying to get Ampkit to work with Jam on the iPod 4. I'm unable to get it to recognize the input. The app indicates "no input" and only gives to options of headphones or dry recording.

    Maybe it just needs a tweak.

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    BTW the Jam works great on an iPad 1.
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    At the moment it looks like it's just my unit which must have been a lemon. I've sent it back to Apple and it looks like they wont be replacing it until June! Considering I originally ordered it on the day of iPad 2 release (11th March), and they sent me a lemon in a crushed up box a month later and my subsequent experiences with Apple support (which just cement previous negative experiences) I'm less than happy.
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    Apogee just put up a link on the Jam site asking people if they are having problems with their units. They recognized a problem with the units and are saying they will replace any malfunctioning Jams out there. Horrible launch for this product.
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    Ah good to know, I guess I'm not alone then. Thanks. Unfortunately for me I've already sent the unit back to Apple so I'll have to wait on them rather than Apogee.
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    I'm still waiting for my jam to arrive, is there something I should be worried about?

    I looked on apogees site and I don't see anything posted about issue or recalls as referred in a previous post.
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    Must be "back to the drawing board". I ordered mid-March and was given an Apr 14 ship date. I got an email today telling me my new ship date is August 9.
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    Mine arrived today from Apple here in norway. It worked for about ten minutes and then the microphone kicked in instead for a while, followed by silence. Now it appears to be dead unfortunately, although it has power and a nice blue light.


    I'm waiting for support to get back to me, but after googling "apogee jam stopped working" it seems like the answer is that it just isn't any good. Will be getting my money back I guess. Which doesn't help me any when it comes to plugging my guitar into the iPad 2. :(