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To get straight to the point, I have music on my laptop, and also on my desktop computer. Different music, on two different computers.

Why can I not load music on to my iPhone 4 from both computers?

I sync my phone with my laptop for apps and podcasts, but I manually manage music and video, and drag and drop any music I want to add. I do NOT want to sync anything with my desktop computer, I just want to be able to drag and drop music in iTunes. But when I connect my iPhone to the desktop computer the 'manually manage music and video' box is NOT ticked. When I tick it, it warns me that my iPhone will be erased if I sync with this computer. I don't WANT to sync!!! Just add music I tried it anyway, and yes, it deleted all my podcasts etc.

What a terrible design flaw. Can someone please tell me that :

1. Can I add music to my iPhone 4 from two different computers?
2. If so, how?
3. If not - WHY NOT!?

Both computers are running Win7 and latest iTunes. I am able to do this absolutely fine on my iPod Touch, but not iPhone.


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Windows 7
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