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I have an iPad2, wifi only version. I changed the side switch from 'Mute' to 'Rotation Lock' in settings. My problem is that now, even when I turn the sound all the way down, I can still hear certain things - such as new mail notifications, and even keyboard clicks.

So, how do you mute the iPad2 when using the switch as a rotation lock button?

iPad2, iOS 4
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    Double click the close button, this shows the recently used app list along the bottom. Slide to the right, the last icon should be the mute.
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    Ok... I found my own answer! haha

    In Settings->General->Sounds, I needed to enable the 'Change With Buttons' option.

    So, for anyone with this issue.... there is the fix. lol
    Kinda dumb if you ask me. I mean, if I want the volume OFF why would I want to leave some sounds ON?
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    If you want no sound at all then press and hold the down volume button. If you just want to mute notifications (email etc) but not iPod or Videos apps then if you've got the side switch as rotation lock the mute will be on the left end of the taskbar - more info here http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4085
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    Holding the Volume Button until no bars were displayed didn't work to actually MUTE the iPad2. I had to go into settings->sounds an enable 'Change with buttons' so that ALL sounds are controlled by the volume switch. If that's not enabled, you still get to hear Ringtone, New Mail, Sent Mail, Calendar Alerts, Lock Sounds, and Keyboard Clicks.
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    Yes, that's an interesting one. I noticed that recently too when I got my iPad 2.
    That option is not available on the iPad 1 which is why I was confused at first!
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    Nice! I had the same problem and i just fixed it thanks to your post!
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    Thanks: I love those clicks!