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I am having problems shutting down my mac. When I shutdown via the Apple menu, everything disappears from the desktop as normal but I do not get the usual rotating clock icon in the center. I can still access the Dock bar at the bottom of the screen when I move my mouse towards the bottom to display it. When I select the Finder from the Dock, everything reappears on the desktop as if the shutdown command do not execute.

I tried both a manual shutdown and letting the 60 seconds countdown run on it is own. Same results,

The shutdown command will work if I go into the Activity Monitor and "Quit Process" loginwindow.

Why is this happening and how can I fix this?

Intel iMac 27 inch, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Is your data backed up?
    Do you have any non-Apple peripherals attached?
    How full and how big is your hard drive?
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    Also are you running 10.6.6 as your signature suggests? If you are, I'll ask a moderator move your thread to the 10.6 forum. If you are running some version of 10.5, that would be significant info to add to your signature or this thread.
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    Sorry about not providing these bits of info. I have two machines. The Intel iMac and PowerPC G5 Dual. The G5 is running regular Leopard, which is the one I have a questions on. Yes, it is backed up and the boot drive is 500GB with 100 GB of free space. I only have a Epson scanner and a LaCie 250GB external. They have been connected to my G5 for quite some time without causing any problems like the one I am describing now. It seems more like an OS issue than hardware. Should I be in a G5 forum?
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    No need to be in the G5 forum. Does the shutdown issue happen without these peripherals attached?