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Please can you let me know if it is possible to connect the iPad 1 or iPad 2 to a computer monitor? This is so that I can view what is on the iPad screen on a larger screen.
If so, is it then possible to connect a keyboard to the iPad (1 or 2) and then work with this and the larger screen? For example, I would prefer to work with spreadsheets on a larger screen. If this was possible it would remove the need for me to have a PC base unit as such.

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    If you use one of Apple's iPad adapter cables to VGA you can hook it up to an external display. If you use the one for HDMI, you can hook it up to an HDTV. The cable keeps your iPad connector bar still open to hook up other things.
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    I thought only certain apps could make use of the other display?
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    You can hookup the iPad 1 and 2 to a computer monitor using the VGA connected, sold in the Apple Store. The iPad 1 will only display certain apps on the computer monitor, for example Keynote and the Video app. The iPad 2 will mirror it's display on the computer monitor or HDTV using either the VGA or HDMI adapter, sold in the Apple store. (Some computer monitors have HDMI inputs.)

    As for keyboards, Apple sells Bluetooth keyboards that will work with the either iPad. If you have a Bluetooth keyboard you can try and see if it will work. Some wired keyboards will work with the USB Camera Connection Kit.
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    David, thanks for clarifying. You are right, this only a feature with the new iPad 2, and with limitations on the iPad 1 (2010 model).
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    The Apple iPad camera connection kit's USB port does work with my Dell keyboard hooked up to my iPad and iPad 2 (in spite of an error message saying this device is not supported, but it does not allow for hooking up the Apple brand USB keyboard (the error message says the Apple keyboard draws too much power even with no other device plugged into the USB ports on the Apple keyboard.
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    I have the Apple Composit Kit. I guess I can assume it will not allow me to mirror the display on my TV or Computer monitor?

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    You are right, mirroring will not work with that adapter. The only adapter that does mirroring right now is the Digital AV Adapter, which uses HDMI.

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    The iPad 2 will mirror to a monitor with the VGA adapter cable.


    The iPad 1 will only output to a monitor if the app has it enabled.  Apps such as 2-Screens, GoodReader and CloudReaders work very well. I use them to teach with using a LCD projector.

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    The Belkin AV360 Mini DisplayPort Converter will let you mirror the iPad 2, using the HDMI adapter, to a 27" iMac. My supervisor had someone at the Apple Store demo this, so she bought the converter for me. However, when I hooked it up, I couldn't get the iPad to mirro on the iMac. My supervisor said they pressed something on the keyboard - she thought it was F1, but being a Windows person, she wasn't sure. Cmd-fn1 will switch display settings on a laptop connected to an external display, but cmd-fn1 didn't work. I tried other keyboard combinations, but could not get the iPad 2 to mirror to my 27" iMac (9,1, 3.06GHz). I am going to hook this up again later today. Can anybody tell me what keyboard combination to use to get this to work?

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    Don, I believe the keyboard combination is Command+F2 to put the iMac into Target Display Mode.

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    now, is it possible to connect the ipad2 with a computer monitor with hdmi, because a monitor would be cheeper than a new tv