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I am new to the Mac world but i created a file in iMovie. Now my boss want to post it on our website and I am not sure how to get him the file and what format it needs to be in. Also, one of my co-workers wants to keep the file also to run on a windows machine. What format do I need to put it in so that you can watch it on a windows PC and how do I do this. Both of these users are on Windows. I am working in iMovie '11.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    The easiest way to post something on your website is to put it on YouTube and embed it. There are also other services that might allow this, such as Vimeo.

    If your website has video hosting capability and enough bandwidth you can host it yourself. You would Share your movie in the size you want in h.264. (All the presets in the Share menu are h.264).

    To watch the movie on a Windows machine, I would recommend that you ask the Windows users to install QuickTime Player, which is a free download from Apple. Then, the files you have already made will be watchable on their Windows machine.