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I was using my ipad today just normally but suddenly it turned off at 9% of battery left. After that it normally rebooted but got stuck in red battery screen. I have been trying to charge it, enter DFU do anything but it just shuts down right after "Slide to Unlock" pops up. After that it is back in red battery. I have been trying to charge it on two computers now and nothing seems to help.

Could this be a hardware problem or is there a solution for this?
iOS 4.2.1

iPad 1 32GB 3G, iOS 4
Reply by Leonard Senn1 on Apr 4, 2011 3:00 PM Helpful
Try doing a hard reset. Hold the home screen button and the on/off switch at. The top of the unit simultaneously for about ten seconds. This will starts reboot.

Let us know.

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    Charge it using the supplied iPad charger. It should fix the issue when battery is low.
  • AzDeR Level 1 Level 1
    Have been trying it for 2 hours now. Seems to be no help.
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    In your original post, you said you tried it on two computers. So I was misunderstanding you. If you are using the supplied charger and cord and it still doesn't work, contact Apple. If you have an apple store in your area, take the iPad, charger and cord to the store for testing. You can make an appointment online.

    Also, look closely in the docking port to ensure there is no debris and that the plug is seating correctly.

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    Try doing a hard reset. Hold the home screen button and the on/off switch at. The top of the unit simultaneously for about ten seconds. This will starts reboot.

    Let us know.
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    Done that trick already for 50 times.

    After that i decided to enter DFU and restore the iPad. Now its here and it's all reset. It boots. Apple logo comes in. Screen goes brighter. Apple logo stays for a while. It goes in iPad main screen and after 2 seconds it shuts down. Reboots. And there it is, the red battery. It's plugged and under the battery it gives the logo of charging.

    I think im going to show it to Apple-service. It has still warranty left.
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    Now im running my ipad. Actually it's been charging for 45 minutes now and charged only 9%. Normally it would be at least 30% after 45 min...
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    I also have this problem. All of a sudden my ipad is stuck at the low battery screen. charged off the wall charger overnight but no luck (it shows that its charging but doesn't actually charge). . My wife's ipad charges normally.

    Tried to do a hard reset, DFU mode, but puts me back to the low battery screen. I never get to see the apple logo pop up.

    Any help would be appreciated. Could my battery be dead??
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    I have never seen this answer before but here's what worked for me and I found it accidentally.


    I have an iPhone and an iPad and I only had 1 charger (my only Apple cord didn't work anymore so I had thrown it out and I thought maybe that was the problem, except my iphone charged fine with my pink cord) by my bedside, so I would just hook up the one that needed it the most before I went to bed.  Well one day I woke up to find that my iPad had a low battery, with the red battery picture. When I plugged it into the charger, it just kept recycling to the Apple logo and then the spinning wheel of death, and back again.


    I did some research and couldn't figure it out. People who thought it was a dead battery still had the same problem after they sent it in and got a new battery  My iPad is not jail broken and half the "solutions" were over my head. I have over 1300 apps on my iPad, not to mention thousands of pictures, that I was just feeling so bereft and sad that I might have lost everything.  So I just let my iPad sit, and drained the whole battery down to the nubbin.  It was 2-3 days without a charger that I just let it sit.


    Then I put it on the charger again and I noticed I still got the red battery symbol, but the red was a thinner slice. I went to work and left it on the charger all day. When I returned, one of my FB notifications came on and bam, there it was, my sign on screen or whatever it's called, where you slide the thingy across. And it was back!!!!!!


    So I was overjoyed.  I'd also had a problem syncing with a warning that it overloaded my USB port. It was a separate problem, but I was able to sync it after that, and my iPhone too, so I was ecstatic.


    Then the battery thing happened again about a week later.  I thought I had been diligent about keeping it charged but it went down after only a day off the charger.  Realized that I had FB and mail notifications notifying me in the startup screen, so that it was constantly turning itself on and off.  I have almost 5000 FB friends and 10 email accounts, so that was a lot of steady activity that I wasn't really aware of.  I have now turned off all notifications to every app, since they also come on my phone AND I bought a 2nd cord, a purple one, so now I'm set and don't expect to ever have that problem again.


    Hope this helps everyone who thought they had a brick.

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    I Had the same issue stuck in red battery and it was solved by using the original cable as I had 2 non original cable. Hope this help

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    I think this might be the trick. My ipad showed as charged all day (after quite a heavy day's use - more than normal) but suddenly the battery died (no 10%, 5% warnings like normal). I plugged it in a just got the red battery, and after ages it was only at 3%; it was slow and the screen blacked out again after about a minute of use due to lack of power I suppose, and it would not go higher than 3%. I left it overnight and connected to power and again this morning and got the red battery. Doing the reset thing holding the buttons down didn't help - nothing would get it to start. Left it a bit longer (10 mins or so) and suddenly the apple logo appeared - I guess it needed a bit extra charge before it could power up. Haven't opened anything with it - am being very gentle! But now it's up to 6% and seems to be charging at the normal speed. I was so worried I'd lost everything on there and the ipad was broken, but I think it just got overwhelmed! It's slowly coming back to life and I'll perhaps put fewer demands on it in the future.


    Thanks for your post - really encouraged me that it wasn't a terrible problem to fix and that it'd turn out ok!

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    I was able to perform a DFU and Restore/Update. Then it would "cack" and display the Dead Battery logo with 3 red bars.

    The iPad seems to be stuck in a low battery mode in which it continued to cycle after a DFU has been performed connected to iTunes. I think it is saying to itself, "Ooops! Too low battery, shut things down to conserve." Then wham! Dead again.

    Persistence! I then plugged it in with the AC adapter and cord provided by Apple for a few minutes and then it sparked to life waiting for my Hello screen input.

    iPad has been restored and now charges and functions as usual.