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New Iphone 4, on Verizon, where is the FaceTime Icon ??? I see the on/off function under settings>phone, but no Icon is present? Version 4.2.6 Suggestions on how to fix, thanks in advance.

Iphone 4
  • HuskieN Level 3 (980 points)
    I think, in order to FaceTime somebody, you have to call them with the Phone, and tap 'FaceTime' button, I don't primarily use an iPhone so I don't know 100%.
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    There is no FaceTime icon with the iPhone as is required with the iPod Touch with a front facing camera and with the iPad2.

    After dialing a number for a regular call, there is switch to FaceTime selection on the screen along with Speaker, Mute, etc. after the call connects.

    Select a contact in the iPhone's Contacts or address book, and there is a FaceTime selection along with Text Message, Share Contact, and Add to Favorites.

    This is included with the iPhone's User Guide. Apple includes a Safari bookmark with Safari on the iPhone for access to the iPhone's User Guide.
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,405 points)
    You can place a regular call first to someone with an iPhone 4 followed by switching to a FaceTime call, or go straight to a FaceTime call with someone with an iPhone 4, or with someone with an iPod Touch with front facing camera or with an iPad2. Select FaceTime for the contact when viewing the contact's info to go straight to a FaceTime call.