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We need to get into our daughter's iPod Touch to see suspected explicit/inciminating text messages. She's 13 and as responsible parents we would like to do an "audit" on this device. We just found out that when she was spending the night at her cousin's house they've been sneaking out and meeting boys at a local park twice a month for the last 3 months. We're utterly shocked. I don't know if something happened to her, but she has been acting a lot more negative, we've found bruises on her, and I need to find out if something more may have been going on. She won't tell us anything. The iPod Touch says "disabled" on it. Is there any way on earth that we can get into this without erasing the data? Do we need to take legal action in order to get into it? There's no way that if this was evidence in a major legal case that Apple would just throw their hands up and say "sorry, cant help you!"

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