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hello. so i was playing around on my iphone 4 with 4.3.1 and clicked the itunes icon, clicked more, at the top there is an edit button, i tapped that which showed configure at the top and then all the different categories below that, it also has a done button where the edit button was. if i tap on any of those icons, such as music, itunes u, etc, all they do is bounce. what can i do here, what can i edit, what is the purpose of this? thanks and i hope this is understandable.

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    Hey there. If you hit edit, you can drag those icons down to the screen on the bottom. They will now appear as the default little buttons, and the ones they replaced will be moved into the more category. So for example, lets say you use Music Videos a lot. You can drag that to the bottom of the screen, and it will give you quick access to that category without going to the more section first.
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    thanks, i just came on here to say nevermind=i just read the manual which i should have done before posting the question. but like i said, thanks for the quick reply.