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I am trying to setup imap email with an iphone 4 using wowway isp. When I setup the account it defaults to my pop account. I can change the server setting to imap, however it won't recognize by account as imap. Is there a trick? I know with my iphone 3gs there was an imap and pop tab. In ios 4 is there not the same tabs?

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    I just did a search on the wowway website and found the FAQ:


    Under Email there is a "Does WOW! offer IMAP email access?" question.

    You need to enable your account for IMAP.
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    Thank you Julian, but I have already done that with wowway. Called them last night and confirmed that both my accounts were setup to use imap. Is there a special setting or something I need to download for the iPhone? Like I said, on the 3g iphone I had an imap and pop tab, on the 4 there are not any tabs.
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    I have been working converting my Wowway from POP to IMAP. In speaking with Wowway, they indicated the IMAP needs 24 hours to get configured in all their nooks and crannies. Their help pages say it's "instantly" enabled; competent sounding phone tech said it needs the overnight.


    Waiting overnight allowed me to receive the IMAP stuff on my iPhone 4G, but cannot for the life of me get it on my Macbook Pro or iMac. Multiple calls to Wowway confirmed my IMAP is enabled, triple review of my Mail.app server, username, and password settings are all correct. Sending mail is not an issue, only receiving.


    Gmail offers suggestions for which of the "Mailbox Settings" should be checked or not checked (ie, Junk, Drafts, Sent stored on server etc). I cannot find, nor have 2 Wowway reps been aware of simialr advice specific to Wow's IMAP.


    Under Mail/Preferences/Accounts/Advanced, there is a space to enter "IMAP Path Prefix" -- but  cannot find conclusive advice on what, if anything needs to go there.  I set up an entirely new Account on my computer, with only this one mail account, and cannot get it to work even in that limited test environment.


    If anyone has suggestions, I'd love to hear them.



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    Normally the default for path prefix (/) should work.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it did not solve the problem for me.


    In Mail / Windows / Connection Doctor the diagnostic test shows I am connecting with outbound IMAP server, but not the inbound. The only thing the Connection Doctor suggests is making sure the right port number is being used (which I have now confirmed with my ISP Wow!).


    An hour on the phone with Wow! lead to possible source of problem having to do with security settings for inbound. Wow has no authentication required, but I cannot choose "None" in advanced settings (even after nuking and re-creating the IMAP account). Wow's documentation on how to help us Mac types shows a screen cap that indicates "None" should be an option. Maybe it's a version thing? My software is up to date.


    Open to thoughts, and thinking Apple phone support is my next best bet.

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    Thought I'd let you know, despite my ISP saying port 110 was the one to use... my awesome Apple Express Lane tech suggested port 143 as the other typically unsecured port to try. Voila! Happiness all around.


    That's 8 hours over 5 days I'll never get back, but thought I'd share the key to success in my circumstance in case it is of use to you.

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    I've set up two iPads and three iPhones on Wowway, using IMAP, and every time it was a major hassle! Just this week, I copied exactly the settings on our 4S into my new iPhone 5, and still couldn't get IMAP working properly. I could get the Inbox to download, but had no other folders and no syncing with my other devices. The problem was I could not get to the screen that has the two buttons where you select IMAP or POP. I assumed I was entering my password correctly for Incoming Mail Server, so in frustration, I purposely entered the wrong password, just to verify. I got the pop-up screen saying my password was incorrect, and when I closed out the screen, amazingly, I was at the page with the IMAP and POP buttons! I have no idea why, and repeated the process to verify that I had not simply overlooked the buttons (I hadn't). I selected IMAP and the rest was easy! Maybe this fluke solution will help someone else. My ports are 143 Incoming and 587 Outgoing with SSL off.

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    I hate to jump in late.  I saw the discussion and call Knology (WOW).  I was able to get the inputs to change Outlook with a breeze (delete and create accout under IMAP).  Well, the IPHONE(###!!!)...3 hours later. I got it.


    Here is the suggestion for others:

         -Delete the accounts

         -Add new account.

              --put in an incorrect pw.  (the software attempts to auto-authenticate your id and pw to server, then selects POP for the answer)

              --once the time out on password continue to setup the information

              ---you now get a selection for IMAP and POP account

              ---select IMAP


    Incoming server:  pop3.....:  let it error with the incorrect pass word

         --click the advance tab:  stroll down to port---change to 143

         -- accept

    Out going server:  smpt.....:  click on the outgoing arrow >

         --again, click on the outgoing arrow >

         -- set the port for outgoing to port 25.

         --accept (Done)

    Save configuration

    Now enter the correct password.


    Hope this save others the guessing game on debugging the connection (3 hour).  The add account need a manual setup buton.  I am glad I did not hold the Knology Tech on line during the IPHONE 4s guesses.


    Roll Tide!!