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I searched the forum before posting and didn't see my question answered. If you have multiple background music added to a project you can adjust the volume on the first track but subsequent tracks I cannot adjust. Is there a trick to accomplishing this?

MacBook Pro 13" 2.7GHz, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Click on the Inspector icon at the beginning of the audio track. You should see the inspector. Go to the audio tab of the inspector, and you should see a volume slider.
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    That's what I did but I enabled the audio to display in the timeline and was successful in dragging the levels down in the timeline window for the first background track. I added a second track and could only change volume level via the inspector and not dragging levels down in the timeline like I was able to do for track one.
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    Anyone else know if this is the only option to reduce the volume with multiple tracks.
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    I'm able to drag the volume level up or down in any track, including the embedded audio in the video track. In my test, I was able to drag the volume line in the video track, plus in 3 other audio tracks that had been dragged from iTunes - all are overlapping to some extent (that is, one beneath the other, but staggered).


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    Just had a thought (a possible solution I've posted quite frequently lately).

    This may or may not help, but try deleting iMovie's preference file. With iMovie closed, in Finder navigate to the file named "com.apple.iMovieApp.plist" in your User (Home) folder Library/Preferences. Drag this file to the Trash. When next opened iMovie will create a fresh file with the default settings. You may need to change some settings to suit your own preference. To do this, in iMovie's Menu go to iMovie>Preferences and make appropriate changes in each of the tabs.

    Deleting the preference file can often fix problems with iMovie. The file can become corrupted in some circumstances, such as when iMovie quits unexpectedly or hangs, requiring a force quit.

    See this Apple article for more on iLife Troubleshooting Basics (includes a reference to deleting the preference file): http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3249

    NOTE: For those using iMovie '09 (version 8), the preference file is named "com.apple.iMovie8.plist".

    Hope this helps - it can't do any harm to try it.

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    I just deleted the plist file, and my preferences were definitely reset, but I still can't adjust the volume on the second track that I've added. Anyone else run into this, or find solutions?

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    ok, so I did find a solution for me, for some reason, when I selected "unpin music track", then the volume became adjustable again. I could repin the track afterwards and the volume remained adjustable-

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    same problem here, not able to adjust any audio direct in timeline in following background audio tracks except the first.