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(didnt kno which place to put this post at)
i llost my ipod just yesterday and thinking they r stealing it instead of returning it. how can i track down my ipod? 1st of all, i was on an returning from ctc to school on the bus, thinking i mustve droped it on the parking lot between my ctc bus to my regular home school bus. i have the mac address around here on my dads pc somwhere, is there a way to track down the mac address at all? any steps of how to finding it?

Compaq Presario 5000, Windows XP
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    There is nothing you can do to track it down. Sorry.

    You can report it to the police, change your password and let Apple know in case someone reports finding it to them.

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    If you had set up "Find my iPod Touch" with MobileMe, you could have found it. I would highly suggest you set it up once you get your iPod back.

    Hope this helps!
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    i did sign up/in with mobileme in the ipod, what would i do next?

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    I think you have to connect your iPod to your computer and then MobileMe is set up on your iPod. It uses your iPod's GPS to locate it and when you visit me.com and sign in there will be a map where your iPod is.

    Hope this helps!
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    Your ipod does NOT have GPS at all.

    If you have mobileme AND
    Turned on Find my ipod on the ipod itself BEFORE it went missing AND
    The ipod is on AND
    The ipod is within range of wi-fi router AND
    The ipod has not been restored
    Then you could find an approximate location based on the registered address of the wi-fi router to which it is connected.
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    If you were lucky enough to meet all of the requirements roaminggnome mentioned (note that the proximate wi-fi router would have to be unsecured), you could also:

    *Send a message to that ipod (maybe if someone saw your message, that would scare or shame them into returning it).
    *Lock it, or change the passcode
    *Wipe out all the data on it

    This is the best you can do.
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    thk u to all for the info, i got my ipod back, a kid helped me get it bak bc he knew about it. we both talked to the assitent principle, gave him the serial #, the next day and got it bak 2day.

    now im prepare wat to do next if this happens again.

    cant belive its been a week i didnt have it

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    Glad you got your iPod back. I too have recently lost mine and never knew about the MobileMe app. I am totally bummed. Didn't even have it for 3 months yet.... Mine went missing on May 5th outside my work. I think I got out of my car and it fell off my lap and I didn't notice... Nobody has returned it. I reported it to the police but I need to figure out how to report it to Apple tho.... Really hoping I am as lucky as you. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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    iTouch4G's question was rated a helpful answer?

    And people please stop suggesting worthless apps.

    Mobile me can easily be turned of in options.

    on/off. That easy.  What apple should do, is get off their A** and get a dptmnt like barnes & noble to blacklist items. And if you think their's downsides to that, go look at Nook's info. They're doing it and pretty good. Apple just knows they make money off stolen ipods.  All they need is a serial number and accnt verification.  Apple can track it by getting the ip of the computer your device is connected to, but, and i'll tell you in my words, "they won't look for it cause they don't give a fu*k".  Big Finger to you APPLE