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I burned a CD a little while ago and I ejected it. It told me on ejection that it could not verify it.

So no big deal. But now, with no CD's in the drive in the Finder's sidebar I have a "Untitled CD 2" showing with the burn symbol and I cannot eject it, all I can do is open sidebar preferences. The are NO folders on the desktop. This driving me nuts. Anyone know how to resolve this?

iMac 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, Mac OS X (10.6.7), iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPad 2
  • Barney-15E Level 8 Level 8
    Hold down command key and drag it out of the sidebar (or ctrl-click on it and select Remove Item).

    Then, Go>Computer. If the Untitled CD shows up there, then try to delete it.
    If that doesn't work, you may have to use the Terminal to remove the stuck mount point. Copy the following into the Terminal and hit return:
    sudo rm -r /Volumes/Untitled CD 2
    Be very careful with the remove command. If you try to type this in and leave a space after the /, you will wipe your drive clean. That's why I suggest copying and pasting. If you want to type the command, then first run this which will move you to the Volumes folder:
    cd /Volumes
    Then, you can
    sudo rm -r Untitled CD 2
    sudo will ask for your admin password, but will not echo anything to the screen as you type it.
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    Thank you!!
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    Without having to go through all the commands mentioned before, I fixed the issue for myself by inserting a blank CD into the drive and waiting for another "Untitled CD" entry to show up in the sidebar. Once that happened, I was able to right-click on the old entry and select "Remove from Sidebar" from the resulting menu. I then did the same for the new entry and then ejected the blank CD. That fixed it for me.

  • J M Gross Level 1 Level 1

    I was able to solve this by doing the following:


    • Open com.apple.sidebarlists.plist (located in Library / Preferences under your user ID)
    • Double-clicking the file will bring it up in Property List Editor
    • Go to Root / useritems / CustomListItems
    • Open all the Item entries
    • Each entry should correspond exactly with an entry in the Finder Sidebar under Places
    • Find the names of the bogus CD entries in the Name fields of the corresponding plist items
    • Delete these Item(s) in the Property List Editor using the Delete Item button in the toolbar
    • When done, save the file and exit Property List Editor
    • Restart the computer


    It appears that sometimes bogus CD entries are left in the Sidebar but OS X does not recognize them as being there, which is why you can't select them.  It may be possible to fix this by inserting a CD in the drive, but this did not work in my case.

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    Thank you as this also solved the problem for me to.

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    Thanks for the easy solution. It had been driving me nuts!

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    Thank you so much!  This has bee driving me crazy for months!

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    Awesome man Thanx a million. I had this problem for Months now and it was driving me Crazy !

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    Thanks JMG! That worked for me too!

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    I finally found this. THANK YOU. Oh how simple. Was trying to get rid of this image for months and could not figure out the right way to ask the question until today. Yippee!

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    Thanks worked just as you said...!!!

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    I have a iMac.  I have the same problem as Paul but am unable to insert a new disc.  I burned a disc, ejected it and then my disc drive became locked.  


    After reading the discussion I found the Untitled Cd with the black and yellow icon beside it in the sidebar.  I removed the phantom CD by right clicking on it and clicking on "remove from sidebar".  I then restarted the computer.  The phantom CD is gone from the sidebar but the disc drive still appears to be locked - as if there were a disc in there.


    I am not bad at computers but could not make heads or tail of JM Gross' advise.  Maybe because it is 2 years old?


    Any help is greatly appreciated.