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I have two Macs:
1- iMac 25'' (older) with all software updated, including the latest version of GarageBand.
2- MacBook Pro (very recently purchased), with all software updated as well, although GarageBand 11 came pre-installed on this one.

I have Logic Studio with all components installed on both.

I have a problem: When I downloaded the extra loops (around 1.5 GB I think) on the MacBook Pro through Garage Band, everything went smoothly; meaning by double-clicking on one of the extra loops, a window opened asking me if I wanted to download the extra loops now or later, and when I clicked on "now", the software update window opened, found the extra loops, and downloaded them in one package after asking.

When I try to do this on the iMac, double-clicking on one of the missing loops in GarageBand does open the window where I'm asked if I want to download the package now or later; but when I click on now, the software update window opens and it does NOT find the missing loops to download, tells me my software is up to date, and then quits after asking! In addition, when I double-click on one of the missing loops again, a window opens telling me that the said loop is being downloaded and installed, which is not the case! Double-clicking on any other missing loop gives me the same result, of course.

Anyone had this problem before? What is the solution?

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iMac 25'', Mac OS X (10.6.7)