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My first generation Ipod is updated to software 3.1.3. I can't download the new software because my Ipod is too old. Whenever I try to download apps it says I need to update my Ipod software, but I can't. So will I never be able to download apps with my Ipod again?

A1213, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    The 1G iPod can only be updated to as far as iOS 3.1.3. There are a lot of apps that require an iOS version later than you have. However, there are still a lot of apps that still work with iOS 3.1.3. You just have to live with that apps that work with your iOS unless you want to purchase an newer generation iPod. Sorry.
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    I have a 1 generation iPod touch and it's only updated to 2.2.1 and I can't even get apps where as when it first came out I was able to download apps it says every app requries a iphone of some kinda

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    Most apps require at least iOS 3.0.  Some apps require 4.0 or later and/or an a later model iPod. You can purchase iOS 3.1.3 for the 1G iPod here:

    Purchasing iOS 3.1 Software Update for iPod touch (1st generation)

    3.1.3 is the last update for the 3G


    jessica82 wrote:


    I have a 1 generation iPod touch and it's only updated to 2.2.1 and I can't even get apps where as when it first came out I was able to download apps it says every app requries a iphone of some kinda

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    I too have a 1st gen and running 3.1.3. I've tried to download various apps and get the banner warning. What really is disappointing is the fact 2nd gen and up is supported. There really wasn't much of a time difference in the release dates so this is another example of apple FORCING it''s bread and butter to keep shelling out cash. I've resorted to just using this thing for what it is. A MP3 player. When it dies, I'll start using my Android phone for music. My 4 teens have all been told, make your ipod last as I'm not buying a replacement. Those who have drunk their kookaid I hope suffer a hardware failure when it matters most. Shame on you apple for treating your customers this way. . I've had enough and I hope you lose more market share as time goes on to a more open and as far as I'm concerned, a better produce, Android. Good night.

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    Good luck with that Android. Just a little consumer research will remind you that Apple is the best in the business about keeping previous generations of hardware in the mix of updates, but at some point the hardware from 3-4 years ago (which I'm guessing your 1st gen is at least that old) just won't be able to handle today's apps. My kids and I have worn down our 2nd gen iPod Touch and recycled iPhone 3G to the point that the batteries are losing most its charge. They've been software updated as far as they can go and have served their purpose well so far. It's about time they get replaced. You should know by now mobile devices get replaced every few years. By the way... Have you tried updating an Android device? Most importantly, why would you want other users to "suffer a hardware failure when it matters most."????

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    You can expect the same problem with Android devices, only faster!  As I write this, there are 23 different versions of Android, and each manufacturer has to release updates for their own devices.  It's even worse with phones, because you can get stuck waiting for your cell service provider to release an update that will never come, even if the device manufacturer has the update for their hardware.


    There's a reason that the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence -- more fertilizer!

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    Don't pay any attention to these replies dissing android. When Barnes and Noble updated their Nook reader app, it went fine on my android phone. However, thanks to Apple's need to update apps on my daughter's 1st gen iTouch, when they forced the update for her to buy another book, it rendered the app useless so all of the money she's spent on her books has gone out the window as the ones she'd bought previously won't load and the new ones won't download.


    Buy an android and keep the iTouch to play music and when it dies, stick with the android. Maybe one of these days, Apple will finally catch up and just update ALL of their items instead of half.

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    will there be another software update for the first generation ipod anytime soon ,or is this it? Also the Itunes app on my ipod seems to have a glitch? im not sure what it is but its not working as expected...any advice?

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    Obviously some of your customers are not pleased with some of your products.. if you were to come out with..lets say 3 more versions for the ipod touch, new and improved: will the latest version now still work if the newer version were to come out -__- if so can you please try to make the first generation ipod better so i could actually use it and enjoy it, its been awhile and now im wondering if all of apples products have multiple cons opposed to pros, as of right now i can make a list of cons for many of your products, with a small list of pros that are very similar to other companies products, if compared.

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    can you give me a list of apps that i can get with ios 2.2.1

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    I have never heard of any such list. You just have to find an app you like and see if it works with that iOS. Yu might trry  a Google search for:

    apps for ios 2.2.1