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  • spma3 Level 1 (20 points)

    You can set your monitor to go to sleep but not the hard drive. Unfortunately, lantzn is correct. Your computer is acting as a server for your iTunes content. Your computer has to be on and iTunes running.

  • Drog1602 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have had the same issue with Home Sharing dropping out. This only started with the last iTunes update. Before that I was able to play music all day with no drops. The one thing I noticed, the song tries to load and you will see the song replay loop icon suddenly display dots, instead of the normal loop icon. The program iTunes program then crashes.


    Note: I do not have the replay loop selected (blue). I do have the play random selected (blue).


    Also note, the crashes do not happen at the same point, or number of songs. When it crashes I can restart and play the song that had crashed with no problems.


    I have the same issue on both my iPhone 4s, and my iPad 2. Both running the latest iTunes software.

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    Spma3 and Lantzn,

    Thank you kindly for replying!

    Happy Monday. Have a beautiful day everyone!

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    this is not the most ideal solution but I wired my iMac and Apple TV with an ethernet cable to my modem/router combo.  It is solid and never drops.  I have two Apple TV's.  I think there are two issues at play here.  One as mentioned a lot in the threads is that there is a software issue with iTunes.  But the other issue which is tied to the first issue is wireless interference.  If there is a hiccup in wireless for even a second, it drops and instead of immediately re-connecting it wipes out everything.  Home Sharing is still on, but there is no connection.  Apple needs to fix the bug so that when wireless drops (as it often does due to its nature) there is an immediate reset in iTunes to find the Apple TV.  With my wired ethernet cable I have no drops, am always connected and it is wicked fast.  It also makes my second apple tv downstairs drop less.  When I had wi-fi only to my iMac and the two Apple TV's, it dropped all the time.  I hope this helps!

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    All, I have had similar problems, ATV 2 and other homesharing functionality was intermittently failing.  Should say "intermittently working" since it usually only connected for a few moments.  All home sharing functionality was intermittent, as was wifi sync with iOS devices.


    All firewall settings were correct. 


    The problem was the router.  Many consumer based routers seem to have a problem handling Bonjour, or more generally "zero configuration networking". These application use multicast addressing to find other apple products and services on the network.


    My router that never worked was a Cisco Linksys WRT120N.


    My working router now is a Netgear N600 WNDR3700.  It works flawlessly with all iOS wifi sync and with Apple TV.  Wired or wireless.


    So your consumer router may be the problem--thought some can be reconfigured to work and many appear to work fine out of the box. Check for an "enable multicast" setting, and also see if "IGMP snooping" can be enabled.  IGMP snooping enables a router to limit the flooding of multicast packets, instead sending them to only the physical network ports needed.  Most consumer routers probably treat multicast as if it is a broadcast,


    Hope this helps someone, I struggled for a long time to try and reconfigure the 120n to work but it never did. I came across other posts of people with a 160n that also seems to suffer the same problem.


    Some of the multicast problems are probably mitigated by using wired connections--this worked sometimes for my ATV but still wasn't consistently reliable, but better than wireless.  Maybe because flooding over the wire isn't as overwhelming due to duplexing, which doesn't happen with wireless.

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    That is great you were able to get it working. I'm in a little bit different boat. I have an all Apple network, it used to work perfectly before this last update and now I get dropped when I try to use home share between my iMac and by Apple TV throught my Time Capsule router.

  • willniccolls Level 1 (0 points)

    @avale:  Is your time capsule on the latest firmware? As of 11/11 the version notes some problems re: peformance and dns.

  • avale Level 1 (5 points)

    @willniccolls: Yes, it is the latest version but this issue popped up with the latest iTunes update.  I used home sharing all the time and it always worked up until this past round of updates.

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    I have also discovered my intermittent drop-outs with homesharing on my ATV2 and other home-shared iTunes libraries in the house seem to be due to my consumer router.  I had been using a Belkin N300 router and the wired and wireless homeshares (including ATV2) could only see each other every now and then, and only after I had restarted the iTunes wired to the router, and restarted the router itself.  And then the wired homeshare would drop out again from both the ATV2 and the wireless shares between 5 minutes and two hours later.  The ATV2 could always see the wireless shares and vice versa.  Everything was running static IPs on the same network.


    I remembered I had an Airstation N300 router lying around (WNR2000 v2) that my brother had given me. I set that up (in 5 minutes or less) and iTunes homesharing has been rock solid ever since between all elements, wired and unwired.  The Airstation is running dd-wrt (thanks guys).


    I will be putting two Belkin routers on eBay shortly.  I suspect the problem is what other posters have mentioned: the Belkin router stops the wired and wireless shares talking to each other or has an issue with IGMP or multicasting generally.  

  • avale Level 1 (5 points)

    I just downloaded iTunes update 10.6.1  I hope this fixes the issue...

  • avale Level 1 (5 points)

    iTunes 10.6.1 looks to fix my issues with home share so far.

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    Go to the router set up and enable the 5 Ghz line, the configure the apple tv using this connection and VOILA!

  • Bdub12 Level 1 (0 points)

    This issue just started for me about a week ago.  Very rarely, I would have to restart iTunes, but lately, I have to restart it a few times per day to allow home sharing on my devices.


    I have an iMac wired to an Airport Extreme, which is wired to my two Apple TVs (third gen). 


    Also, my iOS devices lose their connection to the library on the Mac.


    This is frustrating, because it worked so well up until recently.

  • sharynfromperegian beach Level 1 (0 points)

    This little black box with the beautiful packaging and the well design cord is driving me spare. Luck it's not Apples first product as it is so flaky. I am a day away from throwing it over the balcony. When I had it working it was fabulous- iTunes, movies, website connection, photo's all control from the iPad. Re booting the AP2, Mac, airport extreme, tv,and iPad doesn't help. It works for so long and disappears.

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    I am in a similar situation. I have a Apple Network with and Airport Extreme and an Airport Express extending. I have updated iTunes to 10.6.1 and updated Apple Tv2 to 5.0. I am only able to stream movies from my home shared library on my iMac for about 3 minutes before my Apple Tv drops the connection and kicks me to the home menu. I have to restart Apple Tv2 or iTunes on my iMac to begin streaming again. Once library shows up it works for 3 min and drops again. I have restored the Apple Tv2 two times with no help.


    Temporary fix is to use remote app on iPhone to select the iMac library, select movie, and then select Apple TV2 to stream to via AirPlay. It is not great, but works for the time being. It is the only way I can watch more than 3 min of a movie.


    After reading the posts I am going to try restoring Airpoprt Extreme and setting up my network again. Possibly set up 5 ghz network but I am not going to hold my breath. I never had a single issue until I updated the Apple Tv2 to 5.0. I am convinced this is and Apple Tv software issue. PLEASE FIX APPLE!!!!!!


    Note: I have no streaming issues on my Apple TV 1 which is over 5 years old. Menus not as elegant and does not have added content of Netfix and MLB but at least it works.

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