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  • jfrye77 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've found that all I have to do is stop Home Sharing in iTunes, then restart it.  Works every time.

  • tarkin Level 1 (15 points)

    So much for that. Started up ATV yesterday and although Home Sharing was connected, it was stuck on 'loading' library.  Never worked again. May buy an ATV3 to rule out a defective unit.

  • Rathbone Hall Level 1 (0 points)

    Scan the Support Community sites. Apple TV losing connection is prevalent. The many postings point out the problem occurs with Apple TV1,2and 3; with different brands of router including Airport Extreme; from current and past versions of iTunes; after varying periods of working well.....minutes, hours, days; losing connection with Home Sharing and loosing Airplay; whether the router and Apple TV are in same room or separated by distance; after trying innumerable posted 'fixes'; after exchanging for a new Apple TV.

    Readers, please don't post a fix until you check it works for atleast a week.

  • chaffers Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok, I dont usually post on forums (I usually just read them!) but this homesharing problem has got me soooo  angry that I need to let everyone know how I fixed it in the end.


    My setup is a windows 7 PC acting as a NAS with itunes running continuously all apple devices and other itunes libraries should be able to play its contents via homesharing. (homeplug and wireless network)


    Problem like everyone else is that its completely unstable and impossible to use, rendering the Apple TV a 100pound paperweight and making me look like a complete failure of a man in front of my girlfriend when I try to watch a film on it! (have you checked the instructions)


    After trying most things in this discussion short of going out to buy a all signing all dancing new router I did the below:


    1. exported my itunes library

    2. removed the latest version

    3. downloaded and installed itunes v10.2.2.12.  (just googled - "old versions itunes")

    4. After install I imported the library.


    I'm back to have a fully working homesharing network and have a happy apple tv 3, iphone 4, iphone 4s, and new IPAD. Not sure what I lost by downgrading but nothing noticeable yet (havent checked wifi sync but we wont even go there! - I have the cable!)


    I feel pretty let down by Apple - we pay a lot of money for their shiny things and expect them to work at least how there designed.


    hope this helps someone

  • mikelegg88 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm using ATV3 with Windows 7 PC and iTunes


    It all works fine for a few weeks then suddenly the ATV says I need to turn on Home Sharing (Which is already on)


    Restarting Home Sharing does nothing

    Restarting the ATV does nothing

    Restarting the PC does nothing


    My only solution is to turn everything off and leave it for a day or so and then it usually works again with no issues for 2 or 3 weeks before failing again.

  • Designer'sDesk Level 1 (0 points)

    I was having this problem also, restarting iTunes turning home Sharing on and off, but would only work for 10-15 minutes. I never had a problem with connectivity until I rearranged my entertainment center, I placed my ATV2 under my flat screen, I went and moved it away from all electronics and I have not had an issue with losing my Home Sharing since. Someone else please try and report if it helped.



  • John Child Level 4 (1,345 points)

    Jeet's problem and many others in this long thread sound just like mine. You can read my thread here:, but in summary:


    Itunes and the Apple TV exchange messages about once per minute. If any wifi interference stops the message-and-reply, iTunes closes the home sharing connection.  Other services over wifi may be fine. Home sharing may not be re-trying the connection as robustly as other services.


    I solved my problems by wiring the ATV and computer. (Wiring either alone didn't work.)  Home Sharing is now rock solid and works exactly as advertised. No drop-outs during play. The iTunes library is always available on ATV - I never have to restart home sharing or iTunes or the ATV. If a computer or ATV restarts, they pair up automatically.


    Not everyone can wire, I know. But it worked for me. Test it if you can.



  • hamdicarlo Level 1 (0 points)

    sorry to say this, but not necessarily a fix.

    I have my ATV 2nd & 3rd gen wired to my time capsule, and my Mac Mini wired to that too.

    My library is located on one of my Time capsules (all TC are hard wired with the network roaming option).

    Still if decided to watch a movie on any ATV/iPad/iPhone or even my MacBook Pro, i get the spinning wheel running forever "loading my iTunes library" and nothing is happening!!!


    To get this to work, i will have to login to my Mac Mini and quit and restart iTunes (which is clearly is not a solution, at least not a proper Apple solution.


    I guess both theories of hardwiring and changing wireless router are a complete mith!!

  • GoHerdIBG Level 1 (5 points)

    I have 3 ATV 2's and 4 ATV 3's in my house.  All of the 3's are wired and 1 of the 2's is wired with the other 2 ATV 2's being wireless.  I am running the latest version of iTunes on a Windows Vista system and also on an HP Windows MediaSmart Home Server (which I believe runs Windows Server 2003).  I am still running both because of the "Failed to connect" issues.  I do NOT experience any drop outs during movie playback at all.


    However, I constantly need to restart my iTunes servers.  Following a restart, everything is fine for a few hours.  It used to be longer but with the 4 ATV 3's on my network I see far less time between restarts now.


    Someone else mentioned the problem seems to be with the Apple TV's sleeping/waking/sleeping/waking....


    Executing a 'netstat -an' on my systems does support this.  If I leave my systems up overnight, I have approx 200 ESTABLISHED connections to the port 3689.  When I stop iTunes the connections go into the CLOSE_WAIT state then die off following their TCP_TIMEOUT.


    But, here is the weird part.  I only see the extra connections from my ATV 3's.  I see a connection or 2 from each of the 2's but never the large numbers I see from the 3's.  AND....they are all running the same version of firmware.


    I have tried turning off sleep mode on all of my ATV's but that did not help.


    Hopefully a new firmware version will come out soon for the Apple TV's because this is getting old.


    I guess I could try and write a Windows script that would restart iTunes if it detects a certain number of connections and no one is streaming anything???


    Just venting....

  • Davojohnathan Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Guys


    Apple Tv Series 2 seem ok but 2 freinds have series 3 and it will drop out and disconnect from the master iTune on the Imac


    Apple supplier in store do not seem to think anything is wrong, but there is some concern


    I run the Apply TV on the LAN ethernet from master routers 2 off and its works fine, The Apply TV series 2 has the latest soft ware and runs for hours with our a problem

    But others have series 3 and it will drop out and disconnect from i Tunes


    Do Apple have  a fix or  accept there might be a problem?

    I want to buy series 3 to get 1080P but should i change?

  • GoHerdIBG Level 1 (5 points)

    As a followup to my post yesterday.....


    Yesterday afternoon I changed the sleep settings on ONLY my 4 ATV 3's to NEVER.  I left the 2's as they were with 30 min sleep settings.  I did turn on all of the ATV 3's and left them on.


    Last night I watched a few episodes of Walking Dead Season 2.


    This morning I was able to attach to my iTunes server no problem.  I went to the iTunes server and ran another 'netstat -an'.  Even though I saw about 15 connections I did not see the 100 or so ESTABLISHED connections like before.


    I am not a fan of leaving 4 ATV 3's on all the time.


    Also, why don't the ATV 2's do this since they are using the same firmware????

  • GoHerdIBG Level 1 (5 points)

    As another followup......


    Yesterday I upgraded 2 of my ATV 2's to the latest firmware and then turned sleep mode back on.  I left them overnight.  This morning all was well in iTunes land.  I will upgrade the remaining ATV's in my house tonight and see how things go after a week.

  • whtsoxfn1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problems as above. I am running iTunes on a Win7 64-bit Machine. Home Share seems to drop if AppleTV is idle or streams a file(s) (music or video) for a few minutes. I can watch/listen to an entire file, regardless of length. I can see the Home Share library on Apple TV; however, when selecting file, all I get is the spinning wheel, and no stream. I have done most of the suggestions I've seen on this and other related posts; however, it did not permanently fix the issue of lost communication. I noticed that if I go into Services on the Win7 machine and restart Bonjour Service, I'm able to stream (even with the spinning wheel). I found that I need to do this when I move from one file to another. This all started after I upgraded my 3rd gen Apple TV to 5.1.


    Contacted Apple Care, they sent me to level two support after factory restore failed to remedy the problem. Level two seems to think the issue is related to Norton 360; even though, I mentioned to them that this problem occurred after upgrading to 5.1. Their troubleshooting suggestion is (first) be sure port 3689 is open on the Norton -- this did not solve the issue, so the next suggested step is to uninstall Norton and see if home share and streaming works without dropping.


    Incidentally, I uninstalled Bonjour, uninstalled iTunes, and reinstalled iTunes, so quite possibly the Bonjour file that installed along with iTunes could be the culprit. Before I got passed off to level two, level one support thought installing Bonjour separately might resolve the issue, but wanted to check with level two first. Also, my Apple TV is connected wirelessly.


    Any thoughts?

  • PRDS Level 1 (10 points)



    This is for Windows users only. I cannot explain why this worked over other methods, but it did. Please know that this was my last resort, and I tried several other methods mentioned in this forum.


    1. Set up static IPs on your home router for all Apple Devices. This included my Windows PC that runs  iTunes, but I have found that this may not be necessary. To be absolutely clear, my Apple TV's, my iPod Touch, my iPad, and my wife's iPhone all have static IP addresses. See your router's instructions for performing this task.


    2. I reinstalled Windows 7. Like I said, I tried to avoid doing this. I uninstalled iTunes, tried various firewall tweaks, and did everything else [except using a previous version of iTunes] that I have seen recommended. None of them worked. I saw this as a nuclear option, and eventually, it became the only thing I have not tried. Perhaps if someone knows of a "iTunes Removal Tool" that takes out iTunes and all related services, A reinstall may not be necessary.


    3. Once Windows 7 was reinstalled,  fully updated, and my files were back in place, I installed iTunes.


    My end result: Homesharing works quickly and flawlessly using the current version of iTunes [ at the time this post was written].

    Also "Sync Over Wifi" works as designed [mostly, but it's way more reliable than it used to be.]

    Best of all, I enjoy living in the Apple Ecosystem again! All the money I have sent to Cupertino no longer seems like a giant waste!


    Also, I have a rule on my firewall allowing the Apple TVs access to port 123, on both TCP/UDP. I really don't think this did anything, but it was something Apple recommended on its basic AppleTV troubleshooting steps.


    Good luck!



  • PRDS Level 1 (10 points)

    Check out my post in this thread. It sounds like we were having the same problem. I also have multiple AppleTVs, which dropped out frequently, and required a restart of iTunes to get them working again.

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