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My off/reset button on the top right isn't working. Is there any other way I can reset my iphone? E.g. via itunes etc.

iphone, iPhone OS 3.0
  • paulcb Level 6 (19,110 points)
    That button is required for a Restart and a Reset but not a Restore. Restore can be done through iTunes. No other way to Reset. You could Restart it by letting the battery die.
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    Thanks for reply! How do I restart through itunes? Would I lose all of my data and settings if I did? x
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    You don't restart through iTunes, you restore. After restoring, you will be asked if you want to install your backup.

    If you elect to do this, all your data and settings will be installed.

    If you elect not to do this, your iPhone will be as new, i.e. factory fresh. You can then resync your iTunes library and resetup your email but your old app settings and data will not be installed. You would have to restore again, this time with you backup, to get them back.
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    Stupid Q i know...but how do i reset? x
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    All of this is covered in the manual:


    A reset, as described before in this thread is holding both the home and power button down for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears ( ignoring the slider prompt).

    Have a look at the manual.
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    Are you actually reading my posts? I feel like we're going in circles here.

    If your top right button is not working as you originally posted, you can't perform a Reset. See my first post. Note that there is a difference between a Restart, Reset and Restore.