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i had some troubles to update Shake to version 4.1.1 (which should solve the problem with Prores > 8 Bit). Perhaps someone else gets or got the same problem - i think i have found a way to install Shake 4.1.1 on a 10.6.7-System (Software Update was no help).

a) Download the Upgrade ProApplicationsUpdate2008-04.dmg (contains Shake 4.1.1, its important to choose the 04 Upgrade!) from Apple

b) open the image, right-click and choose "Show Package", goto Contents -> Packages and copy the Shake4.1.1Update.pkg to your Desktop (or elsewhere, just remember)

c) right-click this pkg, double click (decompress) Archive.pax.gz, there will be a new folder "Applications". Goto Directory Shake, there is a file, also named shake

d) Right-click and show Package. Goto Contents -> Plugins -> startup and copy nrqt_macos.bundle to the Desktop (or elsewhere).

e) Go to your Application Folder, and look for Shake. Right-click and ...surprise... click Show Package. Change to Content -> Plugins -> startup. There should be a file with the same name (nrqt_macos.bundle) for safety, move it to a safe place, not the Desktop . Than move the mentioned extracted file from d) into this folder or simply overwrite it.

Voila, File-Out with Prores and more than 8bit should work.

Although Shake shows the same version number (Apple write in an KB Article, that this could be the case), it should work.

bye, jub

MacBook Pro 2,8 (late 2008), Mac OS X (10.6.7)