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Alright, so I plug my iPad 1 in to put some music on and neither the iPad nor the computer recognize it. I had recently updated my compputer so I restarted it. That when it booted up it still didn't work so I thought it was the cord. I tried 4 different cords, including the one that came with the iPad and still nothing. I tried all the USB ports and even tried an external USB port. The computer recognized the USB port but still not the iPad. I just synched my iPod touch so I know its not the computer, and I tried it on my Mac. The charging on my iPad still works, it just says Not Charging, however this problem has been going on for awhile. I reset the iPad and the settings and that still didn't work. Any help?

iPad 1, Windows XP Pro
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    If iTunes doesn't recognize the iPad when it's connected to a computer, follow the instructions here.

    If the iPad is unresponsive, follow the instructions here.

    Try charging via the power adapter and cable that came with your iPad and connect to a wall outlet. Let it charge 100% before trying to sync using iTunes.

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    I did all of the instructions mentioned and still nothing. Neither the computer nor iPad seem to recognize that its plugged in. The charge is all the way at 100% and it is still not connecting.