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I have a car radio to which I can connect my iPad 1 using the standard iPhone / iPod / iPad connector/charger port and the music from the device can then be played through the car speakers. The tracks and playlists are listed on the radio and you control the device through the radio using the radio's "jog" dial.
I should like to be able to control the music through the iPod app on the iPad itself (the very reason I installed it in the car in the first place!). However, when the music is playing there is a constant 'wallpaper' on screen saying "accessory connected" rather than displaying the iPod app itself. If I quit the app the iPad's desktop is displayed correctly, the music does continues and I can use other apps - just as if it wasn't connected to the radio. If I launch the iPod app again and it displays momentarily before resorting to the same "accessory connected" background. Any ideas on how to play the music from my iPad, rather than the radio - because when I connect my iPhone to the radio I can control the music from either device?

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    I had a similar problem with my car stereo after upgrading the os on my phone. I was pfutzing around in the car stereo settings and found an option marked controller. After selecting it, I found one option under controller said ipod. I selected it and the phone works fine now. I know there are a bunch of cracks and other tricks, but try going through your car stereo's options and make sure you can't re-enable your ipod control. Worked good for me. My car stereo is a Panasonic PB6100BT, but really, check your stereo settings.